Cup of Reviews: Make Up Revolution – Emily Noel Wants Palette

Hello Blueberry Muffins!!

I don’t know where the time went! But I already got my hands on this palette 6 months ago! I know, I’m horrible!! Buuuuuut, so glad it’s still available, because I then still get to review it!

It’s a long intro, so scroll on down if you prefer to get right into the review!

When Make Up Revolution came out with this palette, I of course had to get my hands on it. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t cost much at all, it was definitely something I was excited to get because it was a collab with Emily Noel. For those of you who don’t know her (I’m sure you’re not into make up, otherwise you’d know who she is…), she’s a beauty guru, who used to be a news anchor in the states. 10 years ago (can’t believe it’s been this long…), when I started watching Youtube vids, she was already around. And she now still is thriving in her own corner on Youtube. She’s been consistently posting and reviewing products in a pretty objective way, always respectful and kind. She’s been one of my greatest role models. I’ve never seen her get caught up in some internet drama and throughout these years she’s always been professional. I got this palette immediately after it came out and I went to Singapore after that for holiday. Then I came back with lots of other products, so I pretty much forgot about reviewing this palette. But, we’re getting there!

A week or so after its release, Tati, another famous beauty guru, posted her not so positive review on this palette. I was a bit shocked by this and thought that the review seemed biased. It looked like Tati already disliked Revolution even before the actual review… She did get so much hate for that video (Kiki Chanel literally made a video to call her out, which I thought was too much), that Tati put up another vid later on explaining why she didn’t like it. I personally appreciate the fact that she’s honest. But if you say it in a negative way, you’re bound to have some haters… I still love Tati’s vids nonetheless. But I really appreciate how Emily never bashes on brands or people and states clearly why she doesn’t like something or why something doesn’t work for her. I really don’t think it’s necessary to be mean about a product. I also think it can be offensive, because it takes a lot of steps, long periods of prepping, to get it produced. Everyone is entitled to have their opinion, but personally I like to try to keep things positive, whether I like the product or not.

But enough of the drama, let’s dig into the review!

The Packaging

The plastic palette is huge, quite thick and slightly heavy. This palette has a huge mirror, which takes up the whole lid. The closure is like all the plastic Revolution palettes. I think most of the palettes from Revolution that are made in plastic and that are small enough for your make up bag easily break. As this palette is huge, you’re not very likely to cram this in a make up bag anyway…

The design is in pastel pink beige with gold lettering. After 6 months of getting product it’s starting to fade a bit, even though I’ve kept it in the original box all this time.

The Texture

There’s a good selection of mattes, metals and shimmers, though no strong shimmers or really foiled shadows.

The Shades

If you’ve been following Emily for some time, you’d expect the plums, pinks, berries and purples. No surprise there. She incorporated some greens and browns too. I personally miss some statement shades and more pops of color… But overall a very, well balanced, pretty palette.

If you are interested, you could always check out her vid on the names of the shadows :). Let’s have a look at the first 2 rows

Row 1:

  • The Cream: A matt white, perfect as a base or highlighter.
  • Hobby: The perfect soft brown shade for blending in the crease. I like to start of a make up look applying this first for a smooth blending of colorful looks.
  • Prayer: Also a nice transition color, that is almost like a deep warm bronzed pink shade.
  • Grateful: Very light frosty green shade.
  • Good Vibes: Fiery but wearable metallic red shade.
  • Side Hustle: A metallic olive green, extremely pigmented.

Row 2:

  • Midwest: Another nice transition shade in corally brown.
  • Dues Paid: A deeper and warmer brown that also functions well as a transition shade.
  • Eve Rose: A duochrome shade that either looks pink or pearly. It looks frosty and pigmented.
  • Belle Violet: A soft pearly light violet shade.
  • Capricorn: A delicious chocolatty shade with a pink undertone. Again with this pearly finish.
  • Pi Phi: A beautiful deep darker burgundy matt shade that is quite buildable.

Row 3:

  • Oh Heavens: Another highlighter shade, this time with a pearly finish. It’s not super light, but creates a soft light. This would also make a nice highlighter shade for the cheekbones.
  • Love Tons: An intense, matt berry pink shade. This shade is also very buildable and a nice base, that pairs well with the other shades in this palette.
  • Pizzazz: A pinky frosty berry shade.
  • Family: A deep matt plummy purple. Like Pi Phi, it can be dark but you need to build it.
  • Top Story: A warm tan metallic gold. This shade is extremely pigmented! Beautiful!
  • Appartment: This shade looks like pure cocoa! It a deep matt brown, another very buildable shade.

Row 4:

  • Cupcake: The lightest and frostiest coral you’ll every see.
  • Laughcry: A true midtone matt coral, another beautiful shade to use as blending shade or even on the whole eyelid .
  • Cheer: A matt deeper warmer cherry red.
  • Heartbeat: What a delicious true deep frosty berry shade!
  • Corduroy: I love this matt deep green shade. This is yet another color that is buildable. It’s as soft or as pigmented as you’d want it to be.
  • Dark & Early: A very deep matt grey that has a hint of green. It’s a dark shade, but very buildable.

How does it perform?

Like the other Revolution palettes I’ve already used the pigmentation and blendability are consistent. Swatches are nice looking and the brushes pick up the colors well.

Whether I like this palette or not depends on other factors such as the color, texture and finishing selection.

What are my Final Thoughts?

I mainly bought this palette because I’ve been admiring Emily Noel for so long. The packaging is huge, sturdy and has a nice mirror. Due to it’s size, I don’t find it very portable and as I said the plastic packaging of Revolution easily breaks when you take them with you. I imagine it’ll be the same with this palette.

The shade selection is beautiful and very true to Emily. She has foreseen a lot of blendable matts and quite enough shades with which you could create smokey or natural, yet colorful classy looks. Because the shades are not overly pigmented with the first application (mainly the darker shades), it makes it easier to use especially if you are a beginner. That being said, I do miss a more aggressive pop of color. I think the pops of color you get with this palette are very sweet and innocent. And I need to have a shade with which I could create edgier and crazier looks. So for me, it’s not as inspiring as the other palettes I’ve been playing around with lately. Also, I’ve been quite addicted to crazy shimmers on my eyes. And I really miss the shimmery and metallic shades in this palette.

It’s ideal for people who want to have some color, but not too crazy, who’d like to play around with some shades but keeping it toned down. I’d probably use this palette for other people, as I have many ladies in my life who shy away from very colorful looks, but do want to try something else out.

Looks will follow!

Hope you enjoyed this review! Have a lovely week friends!



6 thoughts on “Cup of Reviews: Make Up Revolution – Emily Noel Wants Palette

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Indeed :D. It’s a good palette for sure! Not expensive. It comes down to whether you like the shades… Thx for dropping by! xoxo Sarah


    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Thanks for dropping by girl! Their eyeshadows are really nice, especially their foiled ones and the matts. The only thing about this brand is that they copy stuff from other brands, which is not okay. But they also have a lot of products that seem to be original, like this Emily palette, so that’s why I got my hands on it ^^

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    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      They’re lovely, right!! I like most Make Up Revolution products. They have so many products, so much choice. I must say, I prefer my Unicorn Hearts palettes over the Emily one. But that’s my own taste haha :p. I think most people would prefer the Emily palette. Thanks for dropping by girl! xoxo Sarah

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