Meeting my Twinflame in my dreams

Hi Beautiful Souls,

Do you believe in Twinflames? Or have you never heard of that before? I’ve looked it up and I’d say a soulmate is someone you’ve met in a previous life that your soul recognized. A Twinflame however is the other half of your soul. You were meant to be one, but you were split when you came to this world in 2 different bodies. Being around them can be quite challenging and very healing at the same time. Because they have the same dreams as you do and together they form a formidable team. But because they are from the same source as you are, they might also reflect parts of yourself you need to be ready to face.

I’ve met this person in my dreams before… I’ve dreamt several times of him since I was 15 till 30 something years old. Even though I didn’t know who he was, in my dreams I just knew he was mine and that we belonged together. It felt really right. It felt like home. Somehow, I didn’t believe I could have that in my real life, that that was wishful thinking. When I met my boyfriend, I had this mindset of not expecting anything and just enjoying the experience.

That’s when the magic started to happen. I started to recognize the things that I had been wishing for but believed I couldn’t have. And little by little, I started to feel the things I desired to feel (see my video on how to attract love). One day, we were in a conversation and suddenly… I had a déjà vu. I recognized the way he wore his hair, the colors and the walls behind him, the position in which he was sitting in front of me. Everything started to click… I just instantly knew it was the guy I’ve met in my dreams before… Check out out my video for more details:

It sounds strange, but somehow it feels very right to me… I believe him to be my twinflame because we are incredibly complementary to each other and we somehow push each other to be the best versions of ourselves. We stimulate each other to be aligned with our highest selves. This may lead to conflicts, because even though we have the same goals, we go about it in very different ways. We have the same view of our end goals, but we have very different strategies to get there. I’m much more pacific and have the tendency to give him a softer view of the world, while he has the tendency to help me toughen up. I’ve grown a lot in a short period of time since I’ve known him, for which I’m so grateful.

I wanted to share this story, because I believe you shouldn’t give up on love or hope. But in order to find this love, it’s important to love yourself first, to believe first that you deserve to have it. Because when it does show up and you aren’t ready to love yourself, you will somehow sabotage this beautiful manifestation. So to stop this resistance, be in the vibration of love and start loving yourself first!

Hope you enjoy this video and post! And I’ll talk to you soon!



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