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Hi Beautifuls!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you and your family and friends are doing well! It’s been a long time that I haven’t posted anything on this blog. I am sorry for that. You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted much and that my last posts were not beauty related. Beauty has always been an outlet for me ever since I was 18. From college till the age of 30, I’ve pretty much been living my life on automatic pilot. I grew up believing that being artistic wasn’t a good way of living my life, that everything that made me who I am was, wasn’t needed for my professional life – or should I say undesired for my professional life. So I went to college to become Bio-Engineer. I succeeded, but didn’t see the red flags. I ignored how unhappy it made me and continued down the path that was laid out by my father. I became a quality and purchase manager at a food company. These were the worst years of my life. I am thankful though for the opportunities and the chances I was given. Because this forced me to open my eyes. I believe everything always happens the way it’s meant to happen. During all those years writing about make up, creating make up looks and testing beauty products offered me comfort. It also allowed me to give myself an identity, because I wasn’t sure what mine was. 4 years ago, I’ve hit rock bottom. I was denying myself so hard, that the Universe needed to shake my world upside down for me to realize that I couldn’t continue like this. It was an earth shattering, but oh so beautiful wake up call. Since then, I’ve been on this wonderful journey of self discovery, of finding and accepting every fragment I had rejected about myself. This journey will obviously continue. It’s never ending, but that’s what makes life so interesting. To me, each time I discover a piece of myself, it feels like a happy reunion with someone you care so much about, but have forgotten about them because they disappeared from your life. I still loved writing, but I couldn’t bring myself up to write about beauty anymore. I guess there was something deep in me shouting to be heard. So after some time, I started to post several motivational blogposts about discovering your talents and gifts, about discovering who you are. It became clear to me that I wanted to do something meaningful and significant, using my voice, my life experience and my personality. I don’t know how yet, but it is my greatest wish to help people discover their inner beauty and show them how to fall in love with themselves, what it means to be confident, what it means to live your life to the fullest.

This message obviously didn’t come to me in just one day. I’ve been working on myself, my inner demons, my fears and my doubts since my “wake up call” 4 years ago. Going on such a journey is not a smooth sailing as you may have guessed. I’ve never shed as many tears as since I was a child, nor have I had so many beautiful exciting epiphanies, realizations and revelations about myself. This greatly changed the way I saw myself and others, how I interact with them. This is what made me gain confidence. It stems from self love and respect. There are so many things we actually don’t know about ourselves. But if we’re open to it, it is so exciting to discover the unique package that makes us who we are.

Of course, I still love playing around with make up, but I no longer feel the need to continuously write about it or buy insane amounts of products that I end up giving away. Instead, I’ve started a Youtube channel My Cup of Dreams, on which I post motivational videos. Here are the first 2 videos I’ve already posted:

Link to my video: How to attract Love
Link to my video: How to set goals and achieve them

You will notice that I go by My, my Vietnamese name. This is a part of myself that I’ve been denying for years. I speak Vietnamese, I make Vietnamese food, but there was a huge part I didn’t want to accept. When I was younger, some people said to me how lucky I was to grow up in 2 different cultures. Because this gave me the choice, according to them, to pick the best out of both worlds. For me, it was just all confusing. I grew up in Belgium in a village in Flanders and I wanted to fit in, not to stand out haha. Now I realize that it was never about having to choose if I didn’t want to. I could have it all. Both cultures are part of my identity. It is not the one or the other. Both cultures make me who I am today. And even so, now that I live in Brussels, I finally understand what it means to live in a multicultural community. It makes life colorful and beautiful. I am still Sarah and I am also My. You may call me Sarah or My. I’m still me, or should I say “even more me” ^^.

I hope you can join me on my Youtube channel where you can see me in live action haha. I will occasionally write a blogpost here on this blog, but my main focus will be on my Youtube channel. I will essentially make motivational topics, the law of attraction and how I use art to be in the flow. In the future I’m planning on making guided meditations and much more. Feel free to leave requests if you have video ideas.



5 thoughts on “My Cup of Dreams – my Youtube channel

  1. LivingOutLoud says:

    Congratulations on your transformation, My friend! I’m sorry that you pushed yourself to the point of hitting rock bottom, but I am so happy that you saw it as a turning point and embraced it as an opportunity to build yourself up and embrace your whole, true, self! That takes so much courage and strength and I admire you so much ❤
    I can relate because I spent most of my childhood only wanting to blend with everyone else and we lived in a city where I was a very obvious minority. I hated being different and it has taken me until very recently to want to embrace my whole self too.
    Congratulations on launching your Youtube channel. I am so excited to subscribe and continue to follow you on your journey.
    Happy New Year My Beautiful Friend! May this year be much lighter and brighter! Xoxo

    ❤ Alana

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    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Thanks Beautiful!! From rock bottom you can only go up, so I am always very much thankful for my experiences. There is so much we have in common! I am so grateful for this friendship, even if we haven’t met before ^^. There is so much growth we get to share and I am so happy to also have seen you grow throughout the years. Have a lovely week Alana! xoxo Sarah

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      • LivingOutLoud says:

        That is so true. And at least from rock bottom there is a strong and solid foundation to build upon! I am so thankful for our friendship too. You helped me through some really low points in my life. So happy that we are both finding our way up!
        ❤ Alana


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