Trust Yourself

Hi Beautiful Souls,

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always find it hard in the past to trust my feelings. Whenever I was faced with a decision, I always felt so many things at the same time that it got confusing. There was always a hint of hope, motivation, inspiration, but also doubt, laced with fear, disappointment, despair,… It was so complicated that I’ve learned very early that it was “smarter” to just ignore it altogether and just trust logic and my dad’s wise advice. I would sometimes listen to the different opinions, but it would get even more confusing to me. I’ve always been jealous though of people who could trust their opinion, know what they want and go straight for it.

Whenever I would decide to do something, I either went for something I wanted but then I would end up getting fear and hold myself back from doing it. Or I would decide not to do it based on the advice I got from other people who tried to protect me, to then become very sad about it and do things to distract my mind from it. This is where my love for shopping and make up comes in. They were a great coping mechanism. Except that it only get’s you so far… The past 4 years, I’ve been working on myself, learning to love myself and understand who I really am. It is such a wonderful journey to get to know the different parts of yourself you’ve buried in there for so long. It is such a beautiful reunion.

See my video on Youtube channel where I share my tips on how to learn to trust yourself!

Watch my video HERE

Much love,


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