Instant Confidence Boost

Hey Beautiful Souls,

Let me ask you this, have you always been the type to enter a room and fill it up with your positive energy and attitude? Are you confident when you are in a crowd or do you feel stressed and forgotten when there are many people? I wasn’t confident at all… I used to be a big people pleaser, so I would adapt myself to the people I was interacting with. I don’t have to tell you how exhausting it was for me, when I was with a group of people. You just can’t please everyone, except if you start to talk less and blend in with everyone. Depending on whether there were “wallflowers” like me, I would feel comfortable to have someone to talk to. So then I would have a good day, but when I was in a group of people who liked to talk, it got very stressful for me. Even when people would give me the chance to talk or would ask me questions, I’d sometimes feel very awkward. How am I supposed to act? Be playful, be serious,…? what part should I play? When they would say “just be yourself” I would get annoyed. Because I didn’t feel like I knew what that meant? That was how my youth and how my teenage years went. And it remained like that until my late twenties.

There were times that I thought “fake it till you make it” was how I was going to gain confident. But it was just an act. It didn’t feel good and I would snap at people when they would say something that made me feel insecure. It wasn’t that their intention wasn’t good. It was just that I was so insecure, I couldn’t accept that feedback, whether it was constructive or not.

There is of course a lot of self work and development needed to get to know yourself, to find the core of you are. But I did pick up some tricks to feel instantly at ease and enjoy the moment… In my latest video, I will share with you the 5 things that I do to boost my confidence!

Please feel free to leave your feedback on how I can do things better on my videos. Or if there are any topics I could consider talking about.

Enjoy and have a lovely week!

Much love,


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