About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my Blog!

If you haven’t already noticed by the title, beauty is really “my cup of tea”. When I was little, I never would have admitted this, I really loved watching my mom applying her make up. Secretly, when she wasn’t looking, I was sneaking some beauty products in my bed to play around with it. Now that I have my own make up room, I can play with it whenever I want to!! While I did like playing around with make up, I didn’t quite enjoy being put make up on by someone else. My mom would go for bright red lips and give me a Bonnie Tyler hairstyle. And even though, I would gladly rock the look now, I clearly wasn’t when I was 6 years old hahaha.

I had until the age of 18 experimented with make up. But it was only when I went to college and discovered beauty videos on YouTube that my love started to grow. Michelle Phan was one of the firsts artists to inspire me and many more followed. Now my love for make up grew so big, I just can’t stop talking about it. My friends have encouraged me to start writing about it. And I’ve finally mustered up all the courage to start this blog. So I truly hope you’ll enjoy it.

I wish you a lot of reading and browse pleasure!