Cup of Empties: April 2019

Hello my Avocado & Raspberry Smoothies! I have been a very good girl! As promised, I tried my hardest best to use up my products first before opening up any new ones. It was surprisingly easy, because I had planned so many blog posts in advance. So I didn't feel the need to buy that … Continue reading Cup of Empties: April 2019

Cup of Empties: February 2019

Hello crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies, That's right, I like mine crunchy! Ok, so I'm quite shocked... I was scrolling down my blog post list and I couldn't find an Empties post in 2018! Like... WHAT? O_o How did that happen? I always keep all my empties and I've come to the realization, I didn't use … Continue reading Cup of Empties: February 2019

Cup of Empties: November 2017

My sweet Buttercups! I know it's still early, but I'm already planning for my vacation next year. As I didn't get the chance to go the past three years, I am insanely excited. I've already started obsessively looking up stuff to do, stuff to buy, streetfood to eat, metro maps,... I'm planning on going to … Continue reading Cup of Empties: November 2017

Cup of Empties: May 2017

Hi there Lovelies, Time for a cup of empties, don't you think?! I get sad and so excited at the same time to toss an empty in my basket. I get sad because it's used up, but not always because sometimes I get so tired of it. And I feel thrilled that I get to … Continue reading Cup of Empties: May 2017

Cup of Empties: July-December 2016

Hi Dear Friends, I can not believe the first month of the year has come to an end and that we're already February! Where did the time frikkin' go again??? I said a month ago, I'd post my Cup of Empties and here I am... finally with my Cup! These are products I've used up … Continue reading Cup of Empties: July-December 2016

Cup of Empties: June 2016 Part II

Apparently, I can not count. I said after part I, I still had 9 products to talk about. Buuut, it is a little bit more... Please don't shoot me... I have been saving up my empties since last year in October. I am quite happy that I can discard those empty bottles and fill my … Continue reading Cup of Empties: June 2016 Part II

Cup of Empties: June 2016

Time for a cup of empties I asked my darling cousin, Cathy what she’d like to read for this next post: Lip favorites or my empties? And she chose, without hesitation, the empties. it might be interesting to share with you what I have been loving and using these past few months (say 6 months). … Continue reading Cup of Empties: June 2016