Cup of Confessions: Find Yourself!

Hi Lovely Friends!

I so hope you are doing well! It’s been one pretty hot minute, I haven’t come on my blog to write something. I had a lot of excuses:

  • I moved back in with my parents
  • There were many things I had to work out about myself.
  • I then met someone new

Crazy times, I tell ya that!! But not as crazy as being locked in your apartment due to this whole Corona virus thing!! So, there are no excuses left! I have to start writing on my blog again hahaha :p. No, but seriously, it is during times like these that we must look around and appreciate what we have. We must take the time to remember what is truly important. You may be panicking, but honestly speaking, it can’t be healthy constantly being in that state. I seriously think that we are lucky we are living in an era that we can keep contact with each other through social media, we can video chat with one another so we can assure ourselves the others are doing well. So we must use this powerful tool, to give each other hope and inspire one another.

You all know how much I like writing. But last year, many things were happening and I just couldn’t tell you more about it, because it wouldn’t be respectful to others. And I had to figure things out about myself. I really had to learn to love and accept myself on a deeper and conscious level. Doing the personal work was emotional and painful but oh so rewarding. Because loving yourself also means truly believing how deserving you are of good things coming to you. This is so important, because you may actively think that you deserve something, but unconsciously pushing it away because you believe you actually are not good enough and unworthy. The thing is that we generally don’t even notice that we do this to ourselves. The only way we can find out, is when we have serious emotional reactions to certain things. These strong feelings and emotions help you understand your consciousness on a way deeper level.

This has helped me identify some things about myself:

  • I love coaching people. It gives me wings and rushes of energy when I get to help someone feel good, get them to realize things in their lives.
  • Writing… I have never particularly liked writing. I’ve been at a Dutch speaking school from when I was 3 years old, until I was 18. It was only when I started writing on this blog in English, that I realized that my preferred writing language is English… At first, I blogged only about beauty products. But its so much more than that. Because it is the beauty within that is my true passion.
  • I love teaching. Somehow in my previous and current job, I find a lot of satisfaction in teaching people things… And I’ve gotten the feedback that what I explain is very clear and understandable.
  • Inspiring… I get absolutely excited when I get to touch people at the core. When I see the fire in their eyes again after talking with them. This gives me so much energy.

Knowing what your passion is, is exactly knowing what your talent is. And I wish for everyone to know this about themselves! It gives you wings! It makes your happy! It helps you make much better decisions! You just know exactly what you are worth! And seriously… no one can ever take that away from you! So start by looking at the treasures that reside in you, because believe me there are many treasures and the combo is just unique to you!

Here are some tips to help you find your talents:

  • Listen to your friends and family: you will often hear them say something to you, a compliment or feedback. Please don’t brush that away, because chances are that they know better than you, what your talents are. The way they view you gives you so much information about yourself. And if it is repeated several times by different people, it a sign! Stop ignoring it.
  • Go see a coach: these people have an absolute passion to see and detect things about you, you don’t even know.
  • Get inspiration from books, video’s,…:
    • You know how much I love Marie Forleo! She is the queen! She is amazing! I can’t thank her enough for giving us the content she creates, for convincing us how unique and wonderful we all are. So make sure to check out her Youtube channel.
    • Books: Do the work – Steven Pressfield
    • Books: The war of art – Steven Pressfield
    • Books: Born for this – Chris Guillebeau
  • Practice the art of feeling: I have this ritual that I do each morning when I go to work. I practice feeling how I want to feel. It is like wishing for things, but pure on emotional level. I practice feeling thankful. I feel thankful for feeling: appreciated, loved, sensual, strong, joyful, admiration, creative… Even if you are not feeling that yet, start practicing the feelings you wish to have in your life. Because everything we do, is in order to feel happy. But if along the way you aren’t feeling happy, you should ask yourself the question why you are doing it. Chances are, it is to get the approval/validation from another person. This helps you identify the excitement you would feel when you encounter something. This natural excitement may be the key to what you are meant to do for a living.
  • Games: There exist many card games that help you identify what you truly enjoy. Sometimes it’s easier to select from a list what you like than coming up with it by yourself. Doing this with a friend is very important, because the friend could give you a whole other perspective about yourself that you never noticed before.

This is pretty much what I had to say for today ;). If you like this kind of posts, you may want to check the one I wrote about talents and read more about my life ^^.

Anyways, stay strong, stay connected and be happy! It all starts with you and how you decide to view your life!

Much love,


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