Cup of Looks: EH – Play Color Eyes Beach Party – Into the Abyss

My Sweet Coconut Chocolate Brownies!

How are y’all doing? As you can read by the title, I’ve yet ANOTHER look of the Etude House Play Color Eyes Beach Party. I can’t help it! It’s so inspiring, makes me want to constantly create new looks with these. I’ll probably have 2 more after this. Please let me know whether you’re tired of me doing this palette haha! If noone says a thing, I’mma continue posting looks on this palette until my inspiration has dried up…

  1. Wet & Wild: As always starting off with a blending shade. Here a warmer brown blended out nicely.
  2. Cool Dive: Diving right into it with a navy blue. No worries if it looks crazy as we’ll blend out the edges. Apply it over the outer 2/3 of the eye.
  3. Loading the blending brush with “Wet & Wild” to blend out the edges of “Cool Dive”.
  4. Sand Castle: Seems like I did 2 steps at once and forgot to take a picture. But I first added Sand Castle in the inner corner. Adding a glittery tan sand color with the ringfinger or a flat shader brush.
  5. Surfing Point: With a round dense brush, I added a deep purple in the outer corner to darken it up. Blend it out well.
  6. Starfish on Rock: I would obviously not be myself if I didn’t add a pop of extra color (here violet) on the lower lashline.
  7. Surfing Point: to keep it tied together I also added the deep violet purple in the outer lower lashline.
  8. Adding a good black liner ties everything together.
  9. High Tide: Is a pearly white color that I added on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye.

Here’s the finished look:

This was yet another quickie! You must be tired of seeing looks with this palette, but I haven’t felt like this about a product before. I truly love it! I promise I’ll post 2 more looks and then move on to something new. I feel like I will hit pat pretty soon with this palette :p.

I hope you enjoyed this quick little look. I’m thinking of doing a post soon using only fingers. I do think many of you would beneft from it.

Anyways, enjoy your lovely week.



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