Cup of Confessions: My Favorite Belly Dancers

Hello my refreshing Pina Colada’s!

If you’re looking for a fun new hobby to start, I can definitely recommend you Belly Dancing. I’ve written about the 3 misunderstandings on Belly Dancing before where I talked a bit about the different dance styles. I truly believe there are a lot of different things you can do with Belly Dancing and that it is incredibly versatile. You can go as extreme or as traditional as you like.

In terms of Belly Dancing you could either do choreo’s or you could do more improvisations. I personally like dramatic music and I like my movements to have a dramatic effect at the right time, so I’m less likely to do an improvisation. I think that improvising, you could end up often repeating the same moves. The thing I also prefer about choreo’s is the fact that it has a story. And the story the dancer tells is a secret. You, as a viewer, have your own interpretation. And that sparks inspiration, emotion and thought.

Also when I watch someone dance, I like to be surprised: like “What the hell just happened?”, “Wait, how did she do that?”. But when I watch a dance in which I understand most of the moves and that there’s a lot of repetitiveness, I could find it boring, UNLESS it is done so well that it sparks emotion!

Here are my favorite Belly Dancers. These are the ladies I consistently go back to, to watch their vids for inspo!

Elis Pinheiro

Elis is a Brazilian Belly Dancer. Her choreo’s are very flowy. Her armwork is flawless. Her combo’s include a lot of hip work combined with elegant arm movement. Her dances are very graceful and her hip work is quite soft and consistent. Each Belly Dancer is good at a certain style. And Elis is especially good at music with a melody. A lot of Belly Dancers stand on their square meter to do the dance. But Elis moves around A LOT. Her travels are BOM! She could do a drum solo, which is as the name says it only drums, though I like it less than her other types of dances. When I first started out Belly Dancing, there was this show and we used one of her choreo’s as a base for our own. It was the first dance, that my friend and I had put together, ever!

I find myself looking at her video’s whenever I’m in need of some drills for the hipwork or when I’m looking for inspiration and special combo’s.

Here are some of my favorite choreo’s/drills:


Jasirah is a Polish Belly Dancer and absolutely the queen of drum solo’s. Her movements are precise and sharp. It may sometimes be a bit too sharp to my liking. But I love watching her vids to get some inspiration for drum solo’s. She has such cool moves. I’m less crazy about her other types of dances as she uses a lot of athletic moves. She also uses a lot of fast turns.

She doesn’t do a lot of Belly Break, which is layering several movements at the same time, but she does a lot of short moves consecutively interchanging hip, chest and belly. And that gives a very cool effect.

Tiana Frolkina

Tiana Frolkina, a Russian Belly Dancer and founder of the Firefly Tribe, is definitely my all time queen of Tribal Belly Dance! This woman has the technique down, but her smart moves are EVERYTHING. She does mesmerizing choreo’s, that I could rewatch over and over again, just to figure out her moves. Some things she does are so simple, but yet so elegant, smart and magical.

Her choreo’s always have some sort of story, never tacky, always well made with such finesse. Aside from Belly Dancing, she also does contemporary dance, which she does gracefully. I’m sure you get the picture, I absolutely have a huge admiration for this lady!

She made so many beautiful choreo’s, which I tried to narrow down…

Here are some works of the Firefly Tribe:

There are still many great Belly Dancers out there of course. But these are my 3 muses, I keep on coming back to to learn techniques and get inspired by.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What did you think of these talented ladies? Dying to know what you thought of it! I somehow hope you’ve found some inspiration!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!



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