Cup of Look: I Heart Revolution – Unicorn Hearts – Cool Sunset Beach

Hello my Peach Smoothies,

I have a question for you guys! When you think of vacation, do you think of a cooler country or do you love to bathe in the sun by the pool or are you more of an adventurer? When I think of vacation, I can only think of Asia. I know, there are so many other beautiful places to visit in the world. But my heart is always calling out to Asia. Maybe, this is because I have Vietnamese roots… My next trip will be for sure China. I’ve never been there before? Have you?

The look today’s post is about, was actually not planned… But when it was done, it reminded of Sentosa Island in Singapore. The late night walk on that bridge, the beautiful lights, the buildings that light up at night. I wish a teleport machine would exist that it could take me there, even if it’s for a weekend, so I can relax in Singapore and come back to Belgium in the week haha! That would be awesome! Forget about the 12h flight and the super expensive tickets… Any scientists out there who can make it happen? Anyone? No?

Let’s play with some pinks, purples and bronze! That’s what the I Hear Revolution Unicorn Hearts palette is all about!

  1. As always, I start applying my blending shade first with windshield wiping motion and a fluffy brush. Here I’m using a matt taupy lilac shade.
  2. Somehow I managed to skip a step… I first applied the hot pink in the outer corner and blending it out well. Then on the moving eyelid, I applied with a flat shader brush (or you could use your finger) the bronze shade.
  3. On the inner corner I went in with the pale duochrome pearl pink.
  4. Using the ivory shade I highlight the browbone.
  5. With a dense dome brush I apply the deep purple in the crease and blend it out in round motion and V shape it. If this step turns muddy, no worries, take some of that hot pink and blend out the edges.
  6. On the lower lashline I went in with this heavenly blueish purple.
  7. And on the outer corner of my lower lashline, I put a bit of that darker purple.
  8. Line the eyes the way you like it.
  9. And apply a good amount of mascara.

Finishing off with a shiny deep pink lip shade, but a nude lip would’ve also looked nice!

This palette has been such a joy to use! Love the looks I’ve created with it so far! Hope you enjoyed this look too!

Have a beautiful and productive week friends!



4 thoughts on “Cup of Look: I Heart Revolution – Unicorn Hearts – Cool Sunset Beach

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Aww, thanks Hunida! This brand is known to copy other brands like Too Faced, which I don’t really like. But truth be told, the quality is really nice. And I do like the other “original” palettes they’ve come out with! Thanks for dropping by Hunida! xoxo Sarah

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      • Hunida says:

        Aww, I don’t like that very much, either! But it is nice for people who can’t afford Too Faced & other similar priced brands. 😛 Thanks for being honest, Sarah! Always love reading your reviews & seeing your new looks!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. LivingOutLoud says:

    I love this gorgeous look on you, Sarah! It reminds me of a beautiful golden sunset. When I think of vacation, I like to think of the ocean. I think this is because I am from the Pacific Northwest and we often went to the Oregon Coast for vacation. The weather was often windy and chilly / overcast, but sometimes if we got lucky there would be some sunshine.
    I haven’t been to China yet, but I would love to visit sometime! It is exciting that you are going there soon. Christopher has been to Hong Kong, but not China. We recently moved to Arizona which is definitely a desert. I love the wild beauty of the mountains, but I knew that I would miss the ocean. I rarely spend time in land locked cities. I think our next stop will hopefully be the Big Island of Hawaii! I went to Honolulu, but it was when I was a baby so this will feel like my first time! Hope you are doing well!

    ❤ Alana

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