Cup of Reviews: I Heart Revolution – Unicorn Hearts

Hello my Unicorn Milkshakes!

I have been eyeing this palette for the longest of time at my local drugstore. There were 3 palettes available with this cardboard packaging: Dragon (fiery reds and oranges), Mermaid (blues and turquoises) and Unicorn Hearts (lots of pinks and purples. I of course don’t need other palettes but I’m exceptionally vulnerable and easy to convince if there is a big fat discount :p.

So as it was only half priced or something like that, I had a good excuse to bring home the Unicorn Hearts palette. I was hesitating for quite some time at the store between this one and the Mermaid one (ugh so pretty). What convinced me to get this one is the fact that it reminded me a bit of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette, which I don’t have…

Let’s dive into the review, shall we!

The Packaging

I’m usually not a super big fan of cardboard packaging. But when it comes to Revolution make up, it’s my preferred packaging. I don’t like their plastic palettes very much because the closure tends to break. With this cardboard packaging, not only does it weigh less, but the magnetic closure is also very secure as it wraps over the side.

As to be expected, there is no mirror, but you do get 12 huge pans with a standard amount of product (which is 0.75g/pan). On their website, it retails for 8.49€ and you get a total amount of 9g of eyeshadow.

The Scent

No, they did not make it in any particular scent. But I felt like pointing out anyway that I don’t really like the smell of this product. It reminds me a lot of the kids make up from when I was little and it kind of smells plastic-y… Soooo don’t put your nose too close to the palette.

The Textures

You get a nice variation of textures:

  • 4 matts in quite useful shades
  • 3 satiny shades
  • 2 shimmery shades
  • 3 metallics

The Colors

Let’s start with the first row: In this row, aside from the brown, everything is pretty much purple-ish or has a cool purple undertone.

  • Confusing matt beige: Confusing, because it seems matt but does have some shimmers, useful to use as a highlighter or as a base to intensify other shades.
  • Shimmery lilac purple: I find this shade to be beautiful on the moving eyelid. It might be the least pigmented color, but extremely flattering on the eyes.
  • Cool toned matt dusty rose: This shade is the perfect blending shade for this color combo. I usually use this in the crease to blend out and create dimension as it is dark enough.
  • Satin lavender: I looooove this shade. It is so pigmented and shows up purple but almost blue on the eyes!
  • Duochrome glittery white pearl pink shade: From one angle it’s a cool toned pink and glittery shade and from another angle it’s more of a pearly white.
  • Mid toned matt warm brown: the only one of the 2 warm shades in this palette.

Continuing with the 2nd row:

  • Cool toned pastel glittery metallic Barbie pink: It’s a very girly shade that gives you a pop of color.
  • Deep satin purple shade: This cool toned purple is ideal to darken up your eyes and give it extra dimension. The coverage is pigmented but not over the top, which makes it very buildable and great for smoky eyes.
  • Metallic pinkish bronze shade: This shade stands out the most when you look at the palette. It is extremely pigmented and beautiful!
  • Deep satin royal navy blue: This shade resembles the deep satin purple a lot. When you put one layer, it almost looks matt and smoky. But adding several layers, it shows this beautiful deep navy shade.
  • Cool toned matt bubblegum pink: A shade like this could easily become too much, but it blends out beautifully making it easy to use and combine with other shades.
  • Metallic blueish gunmetal shade: Another super pigmented shade! I looks gorgeous and is a great addition to this collection of shades.

How does it perform?

The shades are so well selected. It is very cool toned, so it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But it definitely is mine! All the shades went so well together. Each look that I created with this palette looked stunning and made me look at my eyes each time I pass a mirror. The colors blend out beautifully. The brushes pick up the shades really nicely and the finger swatches are also stunning.

If you can’t tell! I’m in love. The only thing I don’t like about this palette is the plastic-like scent. Some may dislike this shade range, but that’s a question of personal taste. The quality is really amazing! I’m definitely drawn to try out the Mermaid palette too… Hmmmm so tempting…

Here are some looks I did with this palette!

Hope you enjoyed this review! Please share your thoughts, whether you tried this palette or perhaps the Mermaid or Dragon palette and liked it or not?

Enjoy your Sunday Beautifuls and have a lovely, sunny and happy week!!



5 thoughts on “Cup of Reviews: I Heart Revolution – Unicorn Hearts

  1. sapphireroses says:

    Lilac eyeshadow was the first makeup product I have brought. I think I was 9 years old and wanted to wear it for the school disco. I’m glad Lilac eyeshadow is now back in, because it’s been a while.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Lilac was also my first eyeshadow shade ever :D. It was a single shadow from Bourgois which I loooved :D! Good old times ^^. Thx for dropping by Beautiful! xoxo Sarah

      Liked by 1 person

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