Cup of Reviews: The Face Shop – Rice Water Bright (Rich Cleansing Oil)

My beloved Pineapple Croissants,

You may think that Pineapple Croissants contain pineapple, but it actually doesn’t!! At least not the ones I’ve had at the Banqiao Starbucks in Tapei. Why on earth would you go to a Starbucks in Asia, I hear you say, but that’s an explanation for some other post haha!! Back to the Pineapple Croissants… It’s just called like that because the exterior is a bit rough and reminds of a Pineapple? I think it’s a croissant version of the Japanese Melon Pan: bread covered with cookie dough. Likewise, this croissant is covered with cookie dough!

Probably you’re wondering why I’m telling you this :p! I thought I’d bring you some dessert culture before I dive again into the beautiful worlds of makeup and beauty ;D. The thing is, this Starbucks was right across the The Face Shop, where I bought the product I’m about to review! It’s all related!!

By now, you know I am the queen of the cleansers… But with all the great wisdom and experience I’ve acquired muhahahah (no just kidding!!), I just had never tried a cleansing oil before! So when I saw this Rice Water Cleansing Oil at The Face Shop at minus 50%, it obviously had to be mine :p. So let’s see how it works!

The Packaging 

The oil comes in a sleek transparant sturdy plastic bottle with a black pump. The long and elegant flask contains 150 ml (5.0 US Fl. Oz). The oil seems to be thin and liquid.


How did it perform?

The oil pumps out easily and feels very liquid. If you don’t look out, it drips down your arm. The smell reminds a lot of almond oil. I apply it on dry skin and the make up dissolves quite easily. After rinsing it off, my waterproof mascara disappears completely. It did slightly sting my eyes, but it wasn’t too strong. What I liked about this product specifically is how soft my skin felt after I had rinsed it off: not oily or sticky but just baby butt soft!!

The Face Shop Rice Oil

My Final Thoughts

I think this product works very well. But if I have to choose between an oil, a gel, a paste or a cream, I’d pick the oil second to gel or paste. It’s just because it’s liquid and drips down, so it’s not very handy. Overall, I really enjoy this product and like how my skin feels after using it.

Hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried any other oil cleanser before that you’d recommend? I’m all ears!





2 thoughts on “Cup of Reviews: The Face Shop – Rice Water Bright (Rich Cleansing Oil)

  1. Thebeautyspyglass says:

    I haven’t tried any Korean beauty before, I must’ve been living under a rock for so long! I often see it crop up on my feeds though. My go-to eye makeup remover is Simple but I like to try different products too. I’ll have to look out for this one!

    Samantha x


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