Cup of Reviews: Qiriness – Your Radiance Ritual Home Spa Kit

Hello Strawberry shortcakes,

are you in dire need of a spa treatment and don’t have the time or money? You may like to try a spa cure at home with the Qiriness Home Spa Kit! This is another gift set that I got from my fabulous bestie, who knows BEST what to get me!!

The Products: 


In the cute little cardboard package, you get:

  • An exfoliator (20 ml / 0.6 Fl. Oz)
  • 1 herbal facial steam bath tablet
  • 1 face mask

This box retails for about 16.55€ at Ici Paris XL.

How did it perform? 

Step 1: Prepare (with LE WRAP EXFOLYS)

This is a Radiant Enzymatic Buffing Cream. It says on the packaging that you should apply a layer and let it sit for 30 seconds (1 min if you have sensitive skin) and start rubbing it all over your face with big circular motions until the cream starts peeling off. So I left it on for a bit more than 30 seconds. When I started massaging, the cream just moved around. I felt like I had to rub hard, that it almost hurt my arms… I was really dragging my skin just to let the cream peel. Finally after 1 minute or so, the cream/my skin started to peel off. It was a strange sensation. I then rinsed it off with water, but it left my skin feeling a bit sticky, almost waxy. So I wasn’t sure whether it was clean or not…

Qiriness peeling

There was enough in the tube, so I’ll still be able to try it a couple more times. Not sure whether I’d use it again though. I didn’t like how it dragged my skin…

The full sized product costs 29.50€ for 75ml. I’m pretty sure, I won’t purchase this.

Step 2: Purify

I have to admit, I was pretty excited to try this. I set on the stove 1l of water until it started boiling and at the same I set aside a little towel in warm (not hot) water. When I put in there the little sauna tablet, it started fizzing like a bath bomb and released a very strong and relaxing lavender scent.

Qiriness toning

For 5 minutes I hung over that hot water bowl with a dry towel over my head. It felt really nice… Afterwards, I dabbed my face with the little warm compress I had prepared. This step is supposed to intensely purify your skin as the steam is imbued with an aromatic cocktail of plants, which detoxifies, relaxes and illuminates the skin.

Separately, these tablets cost 27.5€/10 pieces. If you like saunas, I definitely recommend you to try this!

Step 3: Brightening Sheet Mask 

The last step is a sheet mask that boosts brightening skin, revitalizes, brings balance to your skin and hydrates it. The microfiber sheet is nice and thick wet with serum that doesn’t drip down my face which I really appreciate. The scent is very familiar but I can’t quite identify it. On the packaging it says that it contains essences of papaya, mushrooms, pearl, nuts,…

I let it sit on my face for 20 minutes while writing on my blog. So it’s not the type of mask, that obliges you have to lay down somewhere because it’s dripping down to your neck and boobs… I like this one. After 20 min, the sheet still feels moist. I then massaged the product into the skin. After half an hour my skin still feels tacky. My face does look refreshed and clean!

As far as I’ve seen on Ici Paris XL, there are in total 3 types of masks. This pink one is the brightening one, while the other 2 have purifying or hydrating properties. 1 mask costs 4.9€, which is rather pricy.

My Final Thoughts:

I really felt weird about the peeling gel. It was very unpleasant, but I’m still not sure whether I used it the right way. When I rinsed it off, it felt like glue and the rinsing was so intensive, my arms were almost hurting… The purifying step was really nice. It felt relaxing and soothing. My skin felt rejuvenated and clean! The mask was also quite nice.

I think I would purchase the tablets separately and perhaps try some of their other masks. All in all, even though I wasn’t crazy about the peeling, I feel like it’s still a great gift, as it allows you to try out the products and pamper yourself with a whole treatment.

Have you tried this brand before? Wat do you think of it?



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