Cup of Favorites: My Go To Hand creams

Hello Beautiful Unicorns,

We’re March already and I’ve been trying to keep up with my resolutions. One that I never mention but that is always in the back op my mind is: try to drink 3l of water per day. We all know the great benefits of water, how it helps to drain away that fat, how it helps to keep your hunger at bay… Now the great disadvantage though is how often I need to go to the bathroom because of this excessive drinking. So I end up washing my hands at least 6 times a day and I of course use soap while doing so…

This eventually makes my hands looks cracked and dry, especially in the hollows between the fingers. So I always have a hand cream somewhere close. Here are my 3 go to hand creams.


INSTITUT KARITE PARIS Mademoiselle crème mains karité 

The creamiest of the 3 is definitely this thick cream from Institut Karité Paris, which is a brand you’ll find at Ici Paris XL, but I’m sure they’re also available in other beauty stores. This cream smells very strongly of roses, which isn’t my favorite scent in the world.

But when my hands are dried and cracked, this will immediately smooth out the skin and relieve it from it’s itchy dryness. The product comes in a metallic container, so you can squeeze every inch of product out, without losing anything.



Dove Derma Spa Goodness Hand Cream (with CELL Moisturizers)

For silky soft skin, I definitely recommend this cream from Dove. It absorbs immediately into the skin, but leaves a soft layer on your hands. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, even though it doesn’t feel oily, there’s this silky sensation on your hands which I really like. This product comes in a squeezy tube like the other 2 products.

Also one of the reasons I really like this product is because it smells soooooo good. It’s a soft, soothing and relaxing scent.

There are still some other products in this Derma Spa line, but I haven’t tried those yet. I definitely will in the future!



If you’ve followed me for some time now, you know I love Rituals. Their body butters are my favorite of all times. When I’m getting my nails done at a friends place, she always moisturizes my hands afterwards with this hand cream. The Ritual of Sakura Hand Balm smells amazing and absorbs very fast into the skin. The cream is not too thick. I do find myself reapplying this product just because it smells so good. The fresh scent fills the entire room!

Compared to the above mentioned creams, this one does lose its effect fasters. I find myself reapplying after one or two hours to keep my hands moisturized.


Those are my 3 favorites. What are yours? If you enter my room, I do have a big collection of hand creams I’ve collected from my travels throughout the years. Most of them are from Etude House, The Faceshop, Innisfree,… I love them because they’re scent is wonderful and their packaging is to die for. I haven’t used those the past months, just because I needed something stronger for my dry skin. I might do a hand cream collection, if you like!

Anyhows, enjoy your week beautifuls!



4 thoughts on “Cup of Favorites: My Go To Hand creams

  1. LivingOutLoud says:

    Great job on increasing your water intake! I have been working on this too and the proof is in the copious amounts of bathroom breaks throughout the day! Haha. It is worth-it though I have noticed as I get older that dehydration affects me way more than it used to. I am so glad you shared your favorite hand creams. The place that I am living in is known to have very cold and snowy winters so it will be important for me to moisturize.
    The handcreams I have tried out so far have been kind of hit or miss and not that great, but I have picked them up at Marshalls which is a discount kind of store. I think my favorite hand cream so far is at Bath and Body Works: Shea Cashmere and Silk. It is super silky and soft! Hope you are having a lovely summer!!!

    ❤ Alana

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    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Ooooh I love me some Bath & Body Works too. I love the Twilight Woods scents, but not sure if they still have that in their collection… Hahaha, yes, I like to tell myself that with each glass I drink I’ll rinse away some fat ;D

      Liked by 1 person

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