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Hello my refreshing banana milkshakes!

I just got tagged for the Beauty tag by Asma from Makeup Dreamer. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a tag :D. I just love them!!

So here are the questions:

Do you remember your first makeup item?

It must have been a baby pink lip gloss from Bourgois. I think I was around 12. There was something so glamorous and grownup about shiny lips on a bare face haha. I started playing around with make up, because my moms friend had very pretty daughters. And I felt a bit childish compared to them…

Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that fits your specifications?

I have, as most of you know, scarce and straight lashes. So I go nuts for fibrous mascara’s giving my lashes lots of volume and length. And the mascara MUST hold the curl. If it doesn’t, you first of all don’t see my lashes and second of all, it would leave little scratch marks on my glasses… Not the look I’m going for.

What kind of coverage do you prefer from a foundation?

I like medium coverage foundation, enough to cover redness, but still natural enough to see my wreckles. I like it to be dewy, but not wet or sticky feeling on the skin.

Favourite high-end brand?

That would be Too Faced and Urban Decay. Both of these brands are very different. One is more cutesy and the other more edgy. The quality is incredibly nice and especially the eyeshadows are beautiful and inspiring. If we’re talking luxury brand, I’d definitely go for DIOR. That chic packaging is to die for!

What cosmetics brands have you always wanted to try but still haven’t?

Oh boy, the list is looooong. I’m not sure I’ve covered it all, but here goes:

– TARTE isn’t available on the nor on the websites yet. But I’ve always wanted to try out their blushes.

– LORAC is another of those brands I’ve never tried before, because it’s not available around here. As they have great reviews on their eyeshadows, I’d like to try out one of their pallets.

– BECCA is available since some time on the website, but somehow, I’ve been holding off buying from them as I’m not sure whether I should try out a blush first or highlighter.

– NARS, BOBBI BROWN, STILA,… are brands you hear/read so much about. But somehow I always hesitate due to the price. If I’m to spend a lot of money on make up, I somehow always prefer to spend it on a luxury brand…

– HUDA BEAUTY is a brand I’d want to try out someday, especially that Desert Dusk eyeshadow pallet

– and definitely some KOREAN and JAPANESE make up brands, just because the packaging is often so damn cute!!

– LABIOTTE is soooo cute with their wine packaging! I NEED to try that out! Shipping it over here is so expensive though!!

There is so much choice on the market, and so little money to spend hahaha! I love reviewing products, but as I use my hard earned money to buy it, I always hope it’s going to exceed my expectations. And that has often not been the case…

Favourite drugstore brand?

Essence, without a doubt. It’s so cheap, I don’t feel guilty trying out lots of different products. I also like Catrice and Maybelline.

Do you wear false lashes?

I don’t, just for the simple reason that I wear glasses. It just looks weird. Also amongst coworkers, friends and family, I don’t know a lot of people wearing them. So I’d feel out of place have huge lashes…

Is there any kind of makeup you can’t leave the house without?

If I don’t feel like wearing makeup, I’ll leave the house without wearing it… But I guess the bare minimum on lazy make up days would be foundation, concealer, browpowder, mascara, blush and some lipbalm.

What is your most cherished beauty product?

At this moment, I use the Morphe Brushes pallet from Jaclyn Hill so often, I haven’t even been touching my other pallets anymore… But when it comes to cherishing a beauty product, I guess that would be my little luxury make up item collection from DIOR and CHANEL.

How often do you shop for makeup? Do you like to pick up an item here and there, or get lots of goodies at once?

It depends on the time in the month and the financial situation. But I guess, I’d be one to pick up lots of goodies at once.

Do you have a “beauty budget” or do you spend freely?

For the time being, I still have a lot of products to review. And I’m holding myself back to buy anything. Especially limited edition stuff is so alluring. But often, by the time a get to review the product, it’s no longer for sale. So now, when I see new collections, I try to look away :p.

Do you utilize coupons, reward cards, and sales when you shop for cosmetics?

I often hesitate to buy a pallet because I have so much already. But when there is a 25% off sale, I always cave in… So yes, sales usually get me to buy stuff :p.

What type of product do you buy the most of?

Definitely eyeshadows and lip products… I don’t often buy blushes, because I prefer pallets. You get so much more product for the same price.

Is there a brand you absolutely can’t stand?

This sounds a bit negative… There are brands, I personally wouldn’t pick just because it doesn’t tickle my interest. But what I love about make up, is the fact that many brands have their own style.

Do you avoid certain ingredients in cosmetics, like parabens or sulfates?

I must admit, I don’t. I don’t really have sensitive skin.

Do you have a favourite place to shop for makeup?,, Kruidvat and when I get the chance to the Etude House shops. I do like to go in the stores to play around with swatches and such.

Do you like trying new skin care products or do you keep a certain routine?

I’m always curious to try out new products, but I often go back to the same when it works well for my skin. It’s been the Etude House Moistfull Collagen line for years now.

Favourite bath and body brand?

DUHH, that’s RITUALS of course!! I love the smell, the feeling and sensation of their products.

What brand do you think has the best packaging?

ETUDE HOUSE, nothing beats the cuteness of Korean brands in general.

Which celebrity always has great makeup?

I’m not one to follow celebrities much…

Do you belong to any online makeup communities?


Favourite beauty gurus

Jaclyn Hill, Kathleen Lights, Emily Noel, Kim Dao,…

Do you like multi-functional products like lip and cheek stains?

I always find it interesting and like to try it out. But I usually only use for either the lips or cheeks…

Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?

No, I’m not. I’ve always been handy, so I’m good at drawing, diy-ing, crocheting,… So learning to apply makeup felt quite natural.

Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?

Always, without fail.

How many hair products do you use on a typical day?

My shampoo… I’m very low maintenance when it comes to my hair. I just wash it and never blow dry it. I’ll curl it once in a moon but that’s it…

What do you apply first, concealer or foundation?

Always the foundation.

Would you ever consider taking makeup classes?

Yes, but the classes are so expensive… And I’m currently also enjoying my belly dancing and latin dances, that I need to make choices and priorities.

What do you love about makeup?

What’s not to love. Many people think wearing makeup is about impressing others. That has never been the case for me. Wearing makeup is about self expression, about liking to change and experiment with colors. And if there are people who would judge me on that, it says so much more about them then about me…

That wraps up my beauty tag! I hope you guys enjoyed it. I’m tagging the following bloggers, but definitely feel free to do this tag if you haven’t yet!

Natasha Louise Beauty
All Things K Beauty

Makeup By Hayley X
Styled By McKenz

Enjoy your week lovelies and I’ll talk to you in my next post!




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    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      😀 Who doesn’t love a good Too Faced pallet! I’m a bit on the fence for that unicorn pallet. It looks sooooo cute!! xoxo Sarah

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    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Thank you :D! I honestly don’t see the point in writing something if it’s just to write something mainstream haha :p. I’m just me… thanks for dropping by, girl!! xoxo Sarah

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