Cup of Life: Spring Decoration DIY

Hi my sweet chocolate Oreo eggs,

Happy Easter!! I hope you’re having a great time. I’ve had a lovely lunch with my family today. During this period of the year, it’s all about spending time with your family and eating, lots of eating haha.

Today I’ll be sharing with you a very quick DIY, you could do alone or with friends and family. You could always add more things like little butterflies or birds. I just wanted to give you the basics…

First let’s gather the materials:

  • thin paper, like newspaper
  • little candle holders or glasses
  • dried or fake moss, wood, little fake fruits, dried leaves
  • a hot glue gun
  • candles




First I started off by crumbling the paper together in a big ball. I then wrap that ball in some more paper and glue it so it holds together.


I then take some dried or fake leaves and glue them on top of the ball. When the candle holder or glass is glued on top, you can see the pretty pattern instead of paper. It’s then a matter of puzzling. But I have so much fun picking out the different materials and glue everything on the paper ball. Be careful though, because the glue can be very hot!


Everywhere you see a blank spot or a little bit of the white, you can add moss. By continuing this process, you get the following:


If you’d like to add some sturdiness to it, you could glue a piece of cardboard underneath. I’ve gotten quite some compliments for these little decoration items. They’re quite fun to gift as well :).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little post! If you have some ideas be sure to share them!

Have a lovely Easter!




5 thoughts on “Cup of Life: Spring Decoration DIY

  1. LivingOutLoud says:

    I love your centerpieces! These are so beautiful and perfect for spring time. Speaking of which, I cannot believe that spring has already come and gone! 2018 sure is flying by, isn’t it?!

    ❤ Alana


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