Cup of Reviews: Hidden Gems of Cozz Cosmetics

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I’ve found some exciting new products this week. My dear colleague Cristel said she does like to read about hidden gems at the drugstore… I weekly pay a visit to my local drugstore, Kruidvat. They sometimes introduce smaller cosmetic brands on 1 display. Usually I’m not very attracted to these super cheap make up products. But somewhere in a small corner, little round lip balms caught my attention this time. When I came closer to have a look at these cute little eggs, that resemble the EOS lip balms, I saw that everything was sold for 1€. So I picked up the mint green egg lip balm, a Waterproof mascara and a black gel liner, that came with a brush.

Cozz Cosmetics: Lip balm, Waterproof mascara, Gel liner

Cozz Cosmetics: Lip balm, Waterproof mascara, Gel liner

These products are from Cozz Cosmetics. I had never heard of this brand before. But when looking closer on the packaging, it seems to be a Dutch brand. Out of the 3 products, the lip balm is made in Europe and the other 2 products in China.

I like to start with my least favorite, to end with a climax :D.

Waterproof mascara: The brush of this mascara reminds me a lot of the Maybelline Lash Sensational brush, which is asymmetric with small spikes on one end and longer spikes on the other end. What I look in a mascara is a texture with a bit of a waxy dry feeling, so that it holds my lash curl after I’ve given them a good squeeze with my lash curler. As I mentioned before, I don’t have luscious long and curly lashes.When I brush this mascara on my lashes, it kind of feels wet, so I immediately know it won’t hold the lash curl. After 10 seconds, my lashes are dragged down halfway…

Cozz Mascara Waterproof

Cozz Mascara Waterproof Wt 0,53 fl.oz/15 ml

Cozz Mascara Waterproof: Brush

Cozz Mascara Waterproof: Brush

Secondly, I like my mascara to be slightly clumpy. This is because I have scarce lash hairs. This mascara however does not feel clumpy at all and separates the lashes really well…

Because of these 2 reasons, I don’t like this mascara. If you do have lovely princessy curly luscious lashes (you hear my slight envy, don’t you), I’m sure it’ll work for you.

Score: 5/10 cups

Black Gel Liner: I love a good black gel liner for my cat eye looks. I almost never go out without a winged liner. The formula of this gel liner is not as moist (just a tad bit) as the Maybelline Studio gel liner, so hopefully it won’t dry out too fast. I’ve also noticed that it dries faster on my eyelid. After application, I always top it off with black eyeshadow to settle it. The intensity of the black might be a little lighter than the Maybelline one.

Cozz Cosmetics Gel Liner

Cozz Cosmetics Gel Liner Wt 0,14 oz/4 g

The brush that comes with it, is quite nice and precise. Though the handle doesn’t feel super sturdy. For 1€ however, I am quite happy with my purchase.

Cozz Gel liner brush

Cozz Gel liner brush

Cozz Cosmetics Gel Liner swatches

Cozz Cosmetics Gel Liner swatches

Score: 8/10 cups

Lip Balm Egg: This egg, people, is a better and cheaper dupe for the EOS lip balm. I expect a lip balm to feel super moist. To me EOS feels like a standard lip balm, that does moisturize, but lacks this greasy (but in a good way, if you know what I mean) feeling. This product feels a bit more moist and makes my dry lips feel supple, this for quite some time.

Cozz Cosmetics Lip Balm

Cozz Cosmetics Lip Balm Wt 0,23 oz/6,9 g

The EOS lip balm is slightly heavier and deeper, with it’s Wt. 0,24 oz/7g.

EOS lip balm vs Cozz lip balm

EOS lip balm (left) vs Cozz lip balm (right) (PS: what do you think of my Autumn decoration? ;))

This balm is heavily Vanilla scented. There are 2 other scents: Cherry and Strawberry. I of course will try to get my hands on those! This week, I’ll make sure to buy some extra’s! I want one in my purse, next to my bed, in the bathroom, on my make up table! I love this stuff, if you haven’t already noticed.

Score: A HUGE 10/10 cups!

Look, these are great products for 1€. I didn’t like the mascara, but that’s a super personal thing, so it might work for you. Overall, this was a great find for me. I’m really impressed. Usually I am very sceptic about super cheap products. But I guess, you should never judge a book by it’s cover (in this case the price tag). I’d also like to mention the fact that the packaging doesn’t feel cheap at all for this price.

Thanks for reading. I really hope you enjoyed this blog post.
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