Cup of Reviews: NYX Ombre Lip Duo OLD12 Bonnie & Clyde

Hello Lovely cupcakes!

Time for some tea and a little review… A couple of weeks ago, I bought a lot of NYX products in the one Belgian NYX store in Ghent. I picked amongst many other goodies the NYX Ombre Lip Duo in OLD12 Bonnie & Clyde. This product actually looks like a double ended pen, with a big tip on one side and a small thinner tip on the other side.


Instagram Post: Sarahslovelycupoftea

What is it: A double ended lipstick, that applies like a lip pencil. You get Wt. 0,015 oz./0,45 g of the bright red shade and Wt. 0,004 oz./0,14 g of the darker shade.

NYX Ombre Lip Duo OLD12 Bonnie & Clyde

NYX Ombre Lip Duo OLD12 Bonnie & Clyde

How you are supposed to use it: To create this ombre look, I lined my lips with the smaller tip with the darker color on the edge. I then filled in the inner side of my lips with the thicker tip, which is the bright red color. But you can of course reverse the effect and use the darker shade on the inner side.

How do I feel about this product:

  1. Color payoff = INSANE! Already at the first swipe, you get full opacity (I dare say 100%) on your lips. It is crazy intense. The finish is matt.

    NYX Ombre Lip Duo OLD12 Bonnie

    NYX Ombre Lip Duo OLD12 Bonnie & Clyde swatches

  2. Longevity: I wore it one full day, without touching up or adding any other product.  I literally had this on my lips from 7am until 6pm (11 hours, I never understand how Youtubers say that they wear their make up max 8 hours… I leave the house at 7.15 am and work until 5pm, after which I go grocery shopping. So I take my make up off at the earliest at 6pm…). The lipstick didn’t budge… AT ALL!!! I swear, you guys, I talked, ate, drank coffee and water, but nothing moved.
Around 4pm

Around 4pm

3. Little transfer: I always find this important. I don’t like it, when I leave huge lipstick marks on my glass. Nor does my boyfriend appreciate it when I give him a layer of red lipstick… This product has a little bit of transfer, but when you dab the excess product off, there is no transfer anymore.


  1. This stuff feels incredibly dry at application. And this uncomfortable feeling stays the whole day.
  2. Their is also this sticky feeling, that doesn’t go away throughout the day either.
  3. Before I wore this one whole day, I had already tried it out during the weekend, but I made the mistake to top it off with the Lancôme Juicy Shaker to get rid of the dry feeling. It horribly bled into my fine lip lines. It really didn’t look sexy.


I loved how intense it looked and the longevity is incredible. But for me, the discomfort of the dryness was too much to bare. I have super sensitive lips and I now have dry patches around them after wearing this product 1 whole day. Perhaps, it was only this color. The intense color was so nice, that I’d give it another try with another color. NYX has a nice range of different shades and duo combo’s for this line.

If you are looking for a longwearing lip product that is a little bit more moisturizing, Maybelline has this Superstay 24Hrs Liquid lipstick. This one is also double ended, however not to obtain an ombre look. One side is the liquid lipstick and the other is a lip balm. Though, I must say, nothing beats the intensive color payoff of the NYX Ombre Lip Duo!

Overall score: 7/10 cups

I hope you found this review helpful. Please leave me your comments/thoughts and let me know if you like this product.

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I’ll talk to you very soon!


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