Cup of New Goodies: Essence Cosmetics ft. “Me and my umbrella” collection

Many years ago, when Essence made it’s first appearance at my local drugstore, this brand stood out because of their super cute packaging and super cheap prices. They’ve since then changed their packaging a couple of times. The products that I loved back then were their nail polishes and eyeliners. They also used to have fantastic gel liners, but it got discontinued 😦 … I also like their lip products that are very moisturizing.

Today, this brand is available almost all over the world and has a big range of products in its assortment. They periodically come out with new exciting collections. Their latest collection is Fall (and thus rain) inspired: “Me and my umbrella”. So naturally, I had to pick up a couple of products from the collection and from the regular line. Today, I’ll review the “Me and my umbrella” collection. The other products will follow separately in another Cup of Reviews.


Essence beauty products

Blush Nr.01 You can stand under my umbrella

If you are looking for a subtle ginger blush shade, then you might like this one. It shows up on the skin slightly glowy, but nothing too strong. I love how it is embossed in the blush “You can stand under my umbrella” (ella ella ella eh eh eh, sorry, it pops up in my head each time I see this blush). The only thing I’m missing is a mirror…

Blush in Nr. 01 "You can stand under my umbrella"

Blush in Nr. 01 “You can stand under my umbrella”

Blush swatch

Blush swatch

As you can tell from the swatch, the color is very light. This will only show up on fair to medium skin shade.

The price/quality ratio is definitely good. You get 0,31 oz/9g, which is quite a lot. Because if you compare it to the NYX ombre Blush Wt 0,28 oz/8g, you wouldn’t think it is heavier because the case is smaller, but it definitely is heavier.

Comparison NYX ombre blush and Essence "me & my umbrella" blush

Comparison NYX ombre blush and Essence “me & my umbrella” blush

Score: 8/10 cups

Rain boots nail polish in “CRAZY AUTUMN LOVE” 

Wow, that’s a mouth full. Let’s first take the time to appreciate this beautiful and chic bottle. You all know I’m a sucker for cute packaging:


“Me & my umbrella” Rain boots nail polish in “CRAZY AUTUMN LOVE”

In the bottle it looked like a dark burgundy shade. I expected this polish to be a regular polish (because I of course didn’t read the back of the bottle…), so when I first applied it, I didn’t like it. As the polish was drying on my nails, I read that it had a gummy effect, so that it would dry matt. I took it off, that first time, because I was feeling like doing glossy nails.

Yesterday, I gave it another go. The color doesn’t look burgundy at all once dried on your nails. I feel like it looks more like a dark chocolate (which I don’t dislike). But when I asked my boyfriend what he thought of it, he didn’t like it all, saying that it made my hands darker… What do you think of it?


Here I applied one coat of the nail polish

In this collection, there were 3 other shades (pink, kaki and beige). I would’ve been interested in the pink and the kaki, but those weren’t available anymore.

Overall, Essence nail polishes last for a week on my nails without chipping. Keeping in mind that I didn’t use a top coat, this nail polish already started chipping on me after 2 days wear. As I didn’t have the top coat matt finish, I decided to skip this last step, in order to keep the matt finish. I started to get used to this matt finish. But this effect didn’t last for long. It’s lost its matt quality, from the moment I had some finger food Friday, after washing the hands,… My nails have been shiny ever since…

I’ll rate this product as soon as I’ve tried it out with the gummy top coat. Because using Essence nail polish, I always use: a base coat, the color polish and a top coat.

Mini Contouring set

This cute little set comes with 2 little pencils, one for contouring and one for highlighting. Each pencil comes with 0,05 oz/1,5 g product. Great and handy how you can turn the bottom so that the product goes up, without having to sharpen the pencil.

"Me my umbrella" Mini contouring set

“Me & my umbrella” Mini contouring set

I have to admit, this is the first time ever I’ve used contouring pencils. To be honest, I’ve always been scared of using this type of product, because it seems to me it would easily leave blotches on my face. But I was pleasantly surprised by the ease with which I could blend these products out.

The only thing is that this set only comes in 1 shade. If you have a darker skin tone or a very fair skin tone, it’ll either not show up on you or either will look too strong on you. I am quite fair, but with a warm undertone. So I can still work the brown shade. In order for it not to look too orangy, I usually dab on some powder, which will help tone down the warmth of this shade.

"Me my umbrella" mini contouring set swatches

“Me & my umbrella” mini contouring set swatches

So how do I use this? I map out with the brown pencil the areas I want to contour (along the jawline, the area under my cheeks because I have a super round face, on the sides of my forehead and along my nose on the sides to make it look slimmer). Then using the lighter pencil I draw on the areas I want to highlight. Using a small angled face brush, I blend out the brown. The formula is so lightweight that this is fairly easy to blend everything out completely. The highlight is very subtle and gives a beautiful glow.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with this product. Essence, if you are reading this, I truly hope you’ll come out with these pencils in your regular line with hopefully a bigger range for different skin tones.

Score: 9/10 cups

Overall, I really love the concept of this collection. It totally brings me into the mood for Fall. It almost makes me not mind the rain and not dread the cold… almost. But it does get me excited for the change of seasons.

Did you get any products from this collection? How did you like them?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my blogpost. Please leave your comments and subscribe for weekly posts.

I’ll talk to you very soon!





3 thoughts on “Cup of New Goodies: Essence Cosmetics ft. “Me and my umbrella” collection

  1. Cristel says:

    Hi Sarah, I tried an Essence nail polish in combination with their base & top coat and I must admit: it really gives a good result ! Thx for your advice 🙂

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