Cup of Looks: EH – Play Color Eyes Beach Party – Cool Dive

Hello Pina Colada’s,

Hello sun, hello life! Don’t you just feel the energy rising when the sun touches your skin, how it makes its appearance in the morning… Ahhhh, how I’ve missed it! While it might have been cold here in Belgium, I’ve kept my make up very summery these past months… Just because I felt like it :p.

I mean, there are no rules about the shades you may wear in which season, and even if there were, I’m not one to fit in a box :p. I’ve purchased one of the Etude House Play Color Eyes pallets in Singapore in November and have been loving it ever since. Yes they’re Korean eyeshadows, so yes, they’re kind of shear. And to be honest, you won’t love it if you’re looking for shadows you can control for very complicated looks. But these, they look beautiful and flattering even if you don’t try. You can wear colorful looks that look effortless and even natural, but bright and somehow pigmented and illuminating when exposed to natural light… For more info, have a look at my recent review.

Today I have a cool toned turquoise blue look that reminds me of the beautiful sea and its mysteries…

  1. “Wet & Wild”: sweep this warm brown color with a fluffy brush over your entire eye focusing on the crease.
  2. “Like a mermaid”: add this beautiful playful turquoise shade with a flat shader brush or your finger to the outer have.
  3. Taking “Wet & Wild” again to blur out the edges…
  4. Apparently I forgot to take a picture in between, because first I applied “Cool Dive” (a deep marine blue) in the outer corner. Then in the inner corner, I packed with my finger the shade “Sand Castle” (a shimmery beige tan color).
  5. I packed “Like a Mermaid” on the lower lashline and added “Deep Dive” on the outer corner.
  6. I lined my eyes with a black liquid liner.
  7. “High Tide” (a pearly beige shade) was applied on the brow bone and the inner corner as highlighter.
  8. a. and b. were the finished eye after I applied some mascara layers.

Cool fact: I didn’t have brushes when I was in Singapore, so I mainly used my fingers and sponge tip applicators that came with the pallet. And it blended out pretty easily.

I usually do the same looks but with different color each time, because this type of eyeshadow look looks good on my eyes. There are however many different ways to apply eyeshadow and many different styles. For other styles, you may be interested in my step by step instructions for different looks using only 2 shadows.

Below is the finished look. I do realize the lighting was bad. But the colors were more vibrant off camera than on the pictures…

Do you perhaps think I should do a post on how to create make up looks with just 3 colors? Always open to suggestions!

Have a lovely week!


5 thoughts on “Cup of Looks: EH – Play Color Eyes Beach Party – Cool Dive

  1. Simply Saima says:

    Liking the look! & yes do a 3 colour makeup look too please 🙂 The Etude House Play Colour Eyes Palattes are always so fun to play around with right? I recently got my hands on the KitKat Edition but haven’t opened it XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Thanks Beautiful! That’s great! I’ll definitely make a 3 color series! 😀 Well it’s my first Etude House palette. I really love this one, but i’m definitely going to get more the next time I come to Asia! That KitKat collection looks so cute!! Be sure to post a review on that! Thank for dropping by girl! xoxo Sarah

      Liked by 1 person

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