Cup of Reviews: Etude House – Happy Essential Foam Collagen 40%

Hello Beautiful Ladies and Gents,

Today, surprise… surprise… I have a cleanser to review :p. I can’t help it. I love buying cleansers. You all know by now, how I feel about double cleansing. First the make up off and THEN an extra cleansing step is required (at least in my world). I don’t believe in all in one products… All in one machines tend to break more easily anyway. And that’s how I feel about cleansing products, it’s not as clean.

Anyhows, you gotta love my long intros :p, but I always like to shed some light on where I got it. I got the Etude House Happy Essential Foam Collagen 40% in Taipei (Taiwan) last year in May. I know, I’m hopelessly slow with reviewing. But you can’t say I’m not thorough :p. Let’s jump right into it.

The Product

The thick cream comes in a big fat squeezy tube (150 ml/ 5.07 Fl. Oz). Classic packaging for this type of product. It’s supposedly formulated with 40% moisturizer, that gives you a creamy cleansing foam. The marine collagen extract promotes the elasticity and firmness.

Unlike the cleansing foam I’ve been using from The Face Shop, this cream comes out quite thick like a paste.

I don’t have the exact price, but I think I paid about 150 NT$ (150 New Taiwanese Dollars, which is approximately 4€).

The Scent

So how does it smell? I’m sorry that I’m so bad at recognizing scents. But I can tell you that it’s a very fresh and subtle scent. And it’s a scent that is very typical for Etude House products. If you’ve tried out their BB creams, you’ll know exactly what I talk about. It seems floral, but also sweet and fresh at the same time. I really enjoy the scent.

How does it perform?

A good cleanser for me, lathers up beautifully, feels smooth on the skin during the massage and cleansing. And after the rinsing part it should feel smooth and anything but dry. I don’t want to feel any itchiness or pulling on the skin.

The cream lathers up very nicely into a thick smooth foam. While I rinse it off, it does tend to strip my skin a little bit of its oils, but not as strong as the Peach Cleanser from The Face Shop does. When I’m done, my skin feels smooth, soft and not dry at all.

When you compare both of my hands, you can see that my left hand (which was washed with the product) looks smoother and the lines are less visible. I’m sure it’s the work of the collagen.

My Final Thoughts

I’ve used several cleansers from Etude House over the past 7 years. And I have always loved it for the following reasons: cute packaging, cheap price, good product and it doesn’t dry my skin out. They have so many products that I’ll definitely continue buying their cleansers in the future. I probably won’t purchase this particular one again. Not because it’s bad, but knowing how fast Etude House comes out with new products, I’ll be busy trying out their new goodies. I’m definitely going to enjoy using this up, after I’ve finished my Laneige Fresh Calming cleanser.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review! I wish you a wonderful productive, creative and warm week! I’ll talk to you soon!



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