Cup of Reviews: I Heart Makeup – Peach and Glow

Hello my sweet Vanilla Frappuccino’s,

I have this hate love relationship with I Heart Makeup. The products I had tried up until now, weren’t great. But when I swatch some eyeshadows and blushes in the store, I can’t help but always feel, I need to give this another shot, because it’s so pigmented or the texture is so nice. Now it’s been more than a month and I am just not able to put it down. That highlighter is LIFE!

The Packaging

Tacky but somewhat cute looking plastic packaging: the main color is coral and it seems there’s white melting chocolate on top with a coral gradient. It’s quite sturdy, but each time I open it, I do experience some difficulties. I need to hold it tightly to open it or else it would fall out of my hands. I’ve used it for over 1.5 months and the lid doesn’t close anymore since yesterday. I don’t really carry it in my bag so it’s okay… But it’s a minus. You get a huge mirror though (full size of the lid) and 2 pans, one bigger with the blush and one slightly smaller with the highlighter.

IHM blush box

I bought this product during a promotion, so I’m not sure how much I paid, but correct me if I’m wrong, I think the normal price was about 5.99€ at Kruidvat.

The Shade

Both of the highlighters and the blush look incredibly frosty. The highlighter seems to be a gradient of 3 shades: pearl, peachy pink and peachy coral. The blush is a straight up coral shade, which I think looks way too frosty for the cheeks.

IHM blush swatch

How did it perform? 

Okay, so I must admit that I thought I knew how it was going to look like. The previous blush I tried from this brand which also looked peachy just turned out to look like a highlighter. This one had a very nice pigmentation: warm healthy peachy, nicely blendable and buildable. It has a delicious glow that looks slightly wet. I like to use the highlighter completely mixed and it truly looks stunning. I’ve had many compliments wearing this product and It’s been a staple for me the past couple of weeks and will be continuing using it (broken pallet or not…). The texture is also quite smooth.

You’ll see below on the left with nothing on and in the middle and on the right with blush and highlight.

IHM blush I

Let’s enjoy the juicy glow shall we:

IHM blush II

I think that because it’s buildable, it’s suitable for fair to medium skin tones. I think it’ll show up as a nice glow for deeper skin tones. I’m definitely a fan. This product was a staple during my trip in Taiwan. That glow is just addictive!

Hope you enjoyed this review!





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