Cup of Reviews: Nivea Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle Replenishing Pearls

Hello Lovely Friends,

Today I have another confession to make… It’s my second this week, I know… But since April, Carrefour Belgium (a Belgian retailer) is organizing a contest, with the first price being a stay at the Disney hotel in Paris and granting access to both Disney land and Disney Studio. You must understand that I am a big Disney fan. Yes, picture this grownup girl going to Disneyland with pink Piglet ears singing, jumping and dancing around with a polka dot minniedress… yup… guilty… As it’s the park’s 25th birthday, I was expecting Carrefour to do this contest, so I was patiently waiting for it.

So the contest is running from April until the end of June. It consists of collecting Panini stickers for your stickerbook. When this book get’s full, you can buy 2 Disney income tickets for the price of 1. On top of that Carrefour has printed a total of 1.000.000 glitter stickers with a unique code on the back. Filling this unique code in on the website, you get the chance to win the big stay! I ABSOLUTELY need to get my hands on that. This means that every week, I scour the whole shop for special offers in order to gain these stickers. You get a pack if you spend 25€, but you also get packs for buying specific sponsoring brands.

I’m telling you all this, so that you don’t shoot me for what I’m about to confess… Because I kind of broke my No Buy for this… I had to buy 2 Nivea products from the Q10 skincare line in order to get 8 stickers packs. That’s a LOT! I just couldn’t let it slide! So I picked up 2 Nivea Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle Replenishing Pearls. The other products from this line didn’t appeal to me, so I picked this one up and gave my mom the other bottle.

It’s a product that’s been around for many years. I’ve never even considered buying it… So I didn’t expect to like it, but I did! And here is why!

The Packaging

You get a sleek long bottle with 40 ml of product. The bottle comes with a pump and is filled with yellow little pearls. This product retails for 14,69€, which I find rather expensive for a drugstore product, especially for Nivea. Because usually their products are cheaper. It seems that the products from this Q10 line are generally a bit more expensive.


The pump presses the pearls out, which then bursts and releases a gel and cream like texture. With each pump, the bottom pushes upwards so that the beads are forced out. I like it because you use every little pearl in your bottle without wasting anything.


The Claims

Nivea has a patent for these Q10 filled pearls. Q10 appears to be an active ingredient that is naturally present in your skin. The concentration of this ingredient decreases with age. This pearl formula helps you replenish that Q10 concentration in your skin.


The Use

You can bring this daily on a cleaned face before your day- and nightcream. One pump gives you the perfect amount to distribute over your face. You massage it in and it absorbs almost immediately into the skin.


I know I look a bit like a nut job. Nobody’s perfect! But I did want to show you how the “cream” looked like. It’s kind of chunky… But it blends out beautifully when you massage it into the skin.

The Scent

To many of you, description of the scent is quite important. Now who hasn’t used Nivea products before?! We all know all of the products have a signature Nivea scent to it. I’ve grown to find that a retro smell, because my grandma loved it so much (the blue round tin case, which she used for basically anything). This particular product has a soft but fresh Nivea scent to it.

Did it work for me?

Yes, immediately after one week use, I felt like my skin looked less tired. I don’t really have wrinkles yet, but annoying fine lines on my under eye area. My concealer and foundation tend to crease there, very frustrating. This product reduced the look of it a little bit. But above all, I thought my complexion looked better, that my skin is more glowy and radiant. I’ve been using it for maybe 1,5 month and I’m already halfway. I’m probably repurchasing this.

Now please allow me to redeem my self esteem by letting me post a more presentable picture of myself haha!


Now for those of you wondering, I still miss one sticker to complete my sticker book. My colleagues wonderful 9 year old daughter will trade it with me for 3 stickers, haha! Listen (looking at you very seriously now), I do not feel any shame whatsover! I’m just a bit crazy and I’m absolutely fine with that!

I hope you liked this little review! I’ll talk to you guys in my next post!



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