Cup of Looks: Urban Decay Full Spectrum – Look 2

Hello Lovelies,

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting desperate to get ready for that Summer bikini. I’ve done so many different diets in my life, it now is such a difficult task to loose a bit of weight. The diet I believe most in is the Fast Metabolism Diet by Hayley Pomroy. However, it’s for me not one that I can keep up with. The foods she recommends is so expensive here in Belgium. And because you eat more veggies and fruit, you also spend a lot more… I’m trying to eat healthier, eat less carbs, reduce sugar, but I haven’t seen much change. What I’ll try now is eat healthy in the morning and at lunch and try to reduce in the evening. I’ll keep you updated on that…

I have a bold look for you today, which was featured in my previous post: Cup of Reviews: Urban Decay Full Spectrum Pallet. I never used to like reds, but somehow, it has grown on me. You now see so many YouTubers rocking red, orangy and burgundy looks. So why not. Even though it’s bold, I think it’s still quite wearable. Honestly, when you can combine bright colors with neutrals and that harsh lines are blended out, you can literally pull off anything. Also a good black liner can tie everything together! Even when everything looks awful, just continue blending and add that liner. You’ll see the difference, I promise!!

Come on, I’ll talk you through this look! It’s easy!

UD FS look 2

UrbanDecayFullSpectrumpalette Look 2

  1. As you can see I start off with a bare face. I always moisturize my face and than do the eyes, so that the products can absorb into my skin. I used the Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance to prime the eyes. I failed to take a picture of this step, but as always, I brushed in and around my crease a light brown blending shade, which doesn’t come with the Urband Decay Full Spectrum pallet. Then I apply on the outer third of my eye the shade Warning.
  2. With my ring finger, I apply Goldmine on the inner third of my eyes.
  3. Again using my ring finger to apply Jones on the center of the eye. I again take a little bit of the light brown blending shade I used in the beginning on a not too dense blending brush to take the shade Warning more in the crease above the other 2 shades to tie everything together.
  4. At this point, I finished the rest of the face, did the brows and then added Bump as my highlighter under the brow bone. I like to use the highlighter color to blend downwards. So when you have uglier edges, it’ll make it blend seamlessly. I take Warning on the outer lower lash line, Jones in the middle of the lower lash line and Goldmine in the inner lower lash line.
  5. I ended up doing a thick liner using my 1€ gel liner from Cozz Cosmetics, topped it off with the shade Platonic to set the liner and added my mascara.

So buttercups, here’s the finished look:


For those of you wondering:

  • Base:
    • Etude House BB cream
    • Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer in Ivory (Nr 1)
    • Essence Strobing Highlighter (see review of this product here)
    • Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Pallet in Hush (my all time favorite blush)
  • Eyes:
    • Mascara’s:
      • 1 coat of Maybelline Rocket mascara
      • finishing off with Push Up Volume Glamour mascara (Waterproof) from Bourjois
    • Brows: Freedom Pro HD Brow Palette
  • Lips:
    • Catrice Lip Cushion in 040 Absolute Razz Berry (check my review here)

I hope you enjoyed this post!! Let me know which colors, you’d like to see me use from this pallet! I’ll talk to you in my next one!



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