Cup of Reviews: Discounter miniserie – Aldi

Hi Loves,

Have you ever bought Make Up in discounter stores? I haven’t up until this post… They’re just not the most glamorous places to look for make up. But I have to say the range is quite nice and the price… well, the price is crazy low!! Usually I stay away from dirt cheap make up products. But my friend Cris has always wanted to know my “valued” opinion :D))). So you ask me to try, of course I’ll try it! Cris, this post is for you!


I’m thinking of doing a series to test out make up in different discounters. The first I’ll talk about is Aldi, which is a German Discounter Retailer widespread in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France,… (many countries in Europe). The first time I entered an Aldi, a world went open to me. The store concept is very basic. It’s obvious that the shelves don’t look the greatest. But you literally are in awe for the prices that you pay. They have a fixed assortment and in the middle of the store, there is always a whole row with discount trinkets to anything you could possibly need at that moment (it could be a computer, bed sheets, school supplies,…). Compared to other retailers, their assortment is a lot smaller, so they get to buy bigger quantities resulting in very interesting prices for the consumer. Now there is always a small section of the store, where you can buy make up and skincare. I picked up some make up items, so let’s play, shall we!

Behold, my cup of new Aldi Goodies…


Biocura Lipsticks Color and Care with Vitamin E (2,49€/lipstick)

  • Packaging: These come in pretty sleek and simple packaging. The plastic feels a bit cheap. I also find it a bit difficult to take the cap off.
  • Texture: The lipsticks apply smoothly and feel moist enough, but not super moisturizing. It feels very comfortable on the lips.
  • Scent: There is a slight very classic floral scent to it.
  • Wear: There is not really any transfer. The lipstick wears maximum 4h. There is also no bleeding.


Don’t expect a huge shade selection. I think there were 3 or 4 shades. The 2 shades that I picked up are:

  • Nr 86 Soft Apricot.


  • Nr. 79 Toffee (“Caramel au beurre” in French)


Overall, these are okay, but I’ve used better textures with better scents for a better price(I’m talking about Essence of course :)). I must admit, I do like the shades. They’re very natural and generally flattering for different skin tones.

Biocura Lipgloss with Vitamin E in nr. 14 Flamingo (“Flamant” in French) (2,49€)

  • Packaging: You get a standard Lip gloss packaging: transparant bottle plastic flask with a black cap. The doe foot applicator is a bit small and slanted to help you with the application.
  • Texture: The gloss applies smoothly, without feeling too sticky. The color is like many glosses quite transparant with a slight tint to it. As you can see below, it looks quite nice on the lips.
  • Scent: The gloss has a bit of a fruity scent when applied. But this scent appears rather quickly.
  • Wear: This is your standard lipgloss with maximum 4h wear. There is no bleeding.

Aldi Gloss.jpg

I often wear lip glosses, but I do like it to be a bit more pigmented. I do think that many people would enjoy these type of glosses, as they look quite natural and are fuss free.


Biocura Waterproof Mascara (2,49€)

  • Packaging: I feel like most of the waterproof mascara’s have something blue 😀 (water, myeah, I get it). The packaging doesn’t feel cheap at all. The brush is thick and round, just the way I like it.20170312_181752.jpg
  • How does it perform: I… am… pleasantly surprised! It holds my curl!! It doesn’t give me crazy length or volume though. But I’ll definitely use this up in combination with my Bourjois mascara.
Aldi mascara eyes

Left: Aldi mascara on its own, Right: Aldi mascara + Bourjois


Biocura Eyeshadow Duo in Aubergine – Rose

  • Packaging: The packaging is black, classy and sleek, with a window showing you the shades and silver letters on the black. As the window is quite small, they could’ve added a little mirror.1-duo_aldi-biocura
  • The shades: are simply gorgeous. The pearly rose shade is frosty enough, but not too much and the aubergine shade is satiny to matt. So this duo is super versatile. I’ve done 7 different looks with this duo (you can check it here).
  • Wear: I always use an eyeshadow primer or base (I currently use “I ❤ stage” from Essence). And the eyeshadows wore the whole day.

Biocura Roughe/Blush in 08

  • Packaging: the packaging is quite similar to the Eyeshadow duo, we have the sleek black look, he silver letters and the little window on top. Now here’s where I’m disappointed, the amount of product seems to be the size of the window… The rest of the compact is filled with a useless little brush… You definitely could use that brush for, I don’t know, highlighting or something. But unless you are digging the streaky make up look, you’re not really going to use this little brush. Aldi, if you’re reading this, please ditch the brush and add more product.


  • Texture: The product swatches beautifully. It feels very soft. It does kick up a bit of powder, but all in all the texture is quite good.
  • Shade: If you’re looking for a natural peachy shade, this one is just perfect. It’ll give you a slight glow, but it is very subtle. The shade has a bit of a satiny finish, but nothing that’ll show up crazy on the cheeks.
  • Wear: I’ve worn it over 10h and even though it slightly faded, it is still visible.



It’s not my greatest look, but here you can see the subtle shade of the blush. I went for minimal make up today, trying out the push up liner I saw Wayne Goss doing… I miss my Winged Liner!



Biocura Compact Powder in 02

  • Packaging: The only difference with the previous compacts is the fact that there is no window and that you get a decent mirror. Included in the compact is also a make up sponge, which I got rid of. Because I rather use a brush for this.


  • Texture: Like the blush, the powder feels very soft.
  • Shade: The shade is a tad bit warm for me, so I sometimes use it to warm up my face where the sun would naturally hit it. As I’m quite fair, it’s suitable as a soft bronzer.
  • Wear: It doesn’t wear as long as the blush, but fades throughout the day. I haven’t been wearing it often, so I don’t have a picture to include now.


To be completely honest, it’s been a while that this post was in my draft section, because I just wasn’t super excited to post this one. The make up is very basic and so are the colors, so it didn’t get me all nuts… I kind of expected the products to be this quality. I’m not blown away. And I’ve used better products for a better price (Essence Cosmetics). But, I think that if you are someone who’s looking for fuss free and easy make up, you’ll be sure to have something that has a decent quality with shades that are universally flattering.

I’ve noticed that the producer is from Germany, called Maxim Markenprodukte GmbH & Co. KG. I don’t know if this is available in other Aldi’s, as for other type of products, they buy from different suppliers in the different countries.

Have you tried these products before? What do you think of them? If you’re from Spain or France or any other country where there is Aldi, are the make up products from the same German supplier? Or does your local Aldi buy it elsewhere?

I hope you enjoyed this post! And I’ll talk to you guys soon!!



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8 thoughts on “Cup of Reviews: Discounter miniserie – Aldi

  1. Cristel says:

    Thx for the review. Really interesting to read a professional opinion 🙂
    I’ve sent it to the marketing director of Aldi. You never know where it’s good for…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. xoJenny says:

    Thats so crazy I never knew Aldi had those things. There’s one back in my hometown and I always thought it was an overpriced like “whole foods” or “trader joes” kind of grocery store….boy was I WAY off hahaha I’m still obsessed with those shadow looks and the color tone is so pretty on!!!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Hahahah, yes it’s not the most glamorous store, so it’s not really a place you’d go in if there’s a lot of other grocery stores. But if you ever visit Belgium, you’ll find that everything is on the expensive side here. So going to an Aldi could almost reduce your bill to half compared to another retailer. Now I’m sure that the food in the US is a lot cheaper than here, so I’m not sure whether Aldi is considered to be the cheapest over there… xoxo Sarah

      Liked by 1 person

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