Cup of Looks: One eyeshadow duo – 7 Looks

Hi Loves,

I hope you’ve had a great weekend so far! Mine was quite productive! I made a huge batch of soup to start my Fast Metabolism Diet on Monday! I also made chicken puffs for the BF, who has been nagging for weeks now for these wonderful treats. I had a wonderful dance training yesterday evening and it feels quite satisfying that my legs are hurting (in a good way). So Sunday is my “play with makeup” day. It is the best day to take pictures and swatches as I’m home all day and can enjoy the natural light. In the week, I’m at work when the light is at its best…

This week I picked up an eyeshadow duo. And I was quite surprised at its lovely texture. I’m talking about the Aldi Biocura Eyeshadow Duo in Aubergine – Rose. It cost like 2,49€ for the duo.


If you think an eyeshadow duo is boring, well think again… Today I’d like to show you (obviously not my own techniques, but techniques that I picked up from watching Youtube throughout the years) 7 different ways of wearing an eyeshadow duo. You can do this with any eyeshadow duo, but make sure that the lightest shade is light enough to put on the brow bone and the darkest is medium dark.



This is my go to look: half on half.


  1. Apply the darkest shade on the outer corner and blend it halfway over the eye.
  2. Apply the lightest shade on the inner half.
  3. Take a clean brush and drag the darkest shade a bit further inwards in the crease.
  4. Use the lightest shade on the brow bone.
  5. Apply the darkest shade on the lower outer half of the lash line and the lightest shade on the lower inner half of lash line.
  6. Line your eyes (if you like) and finish off with mascara.


I first heard of the Sandwich method through Emily Noël (lovely Youtuber, you should check her out, if you haven’t heard of her).


  1. It’s quite simple, you take the darkest shade and apply on the outer end of your crease and then inward. You keep blending everything out in windshield motion until there are no harsh lines.
  2. You take a flat eyeshadow brush and apply the lightest shade on your moving eyelid.
  3. Using the same brush, you apply the lightest shade on the brow bone.
  4. Apply the darkest shade all over the lower lash line and line your eyes.
  5. Finish off with a coat of mascara.

Cut Crease

This eyeshadow technique takes a little bit of practice. It’s basically the same as the sandwich, except that your crease line is a lot more crisp.


  1. Like with the sandwich, you first apply the darkest shade on the outer end of your crease and blend inward. Keep blending upwards until there are no harsh lines.
  2. To carve out your crease, there are several techniques. I find the easiest way to do this is by taking a flat brush with concealer and apply it on your lid so that you get a crisp line in the crease.
  3. Taking another flat eyeshadow brush, you then apply the lightest shade on top of the concealer.
  4. Taking the lightest shade again, you highlight your brow bone (I was supposed to do this, but I forgot this step).
  5. Load an angled brush with the darkest shade and carefully line the crease where the separation of the 2 shades is.
  6. Use the darkest shade to line your lower lash line. Finish off with liner and mascara.


A halo eyeshadow look always looks flattering, making your eyes look more open.


  1. You obtain the halo by applying your darkest shade on the outer and inner third of the eye, leaving the center of you eye bare.
  2. You then slightly blend it upwards and carefully connecting the inner and third in the crease, still leaving the middle bare.
  3. Apply the lightest shade in the middle with a flat eyeshadow brush.
  4. Repeat step 1 and 3 on the lower lash line.
  5. Taking the lightest shade again, you highlight your brow bone.
  6. Finish off with liner and mascara.


A day appropriate simple and easy smoky eye.


  1. Take the darkest shade and blend this all over the lid. Make sure there are no hars edges.
  2. Take the lightest shade in the inner corner to open up the eye, if you like!
  3. Apply the lightest shade on the brow bone.
  4. Apply the darkest shade all over the lower lash line.
  5. Finish off with mascara.

Dark Smoky

A darker and sexier smoky eye.


  1. Apply a dark base all over the lid going up to the crease, but make sure you don’t go over it. I usually like to use a black NYX jumbo pencil (here I used Knight, it has a little bit of gold glitter, giving it an interesting dimension). You could also use the color of your darkest shade to intensify it.
  2. Apply your darkest shade on top and blend the edges out well, with a fluffy brush.
  3. Use the lightest shade on the brow bone.
  4. Apply the darkest shade all over the lower lash line.
  5. Use a black (dark brown or in this case a dark purple would look pretty too) in the lower and upper waterline.
  6. Give your eyes a cat eye line and apply mascara.

Playful Liner

Go for a playful colorful eyeliner.


  1. Apply the lightest shade all over the lid (without or with a colorful base to make it pop). You can either choose to keep it under your crease or you could go all the way until the brow bone.
  2. Dip an eyeliner brush in the darkest shade and spray with water or Mac Fix Plus (or another makeup fixer to intensify the shade) and line your eyes with it, flicking it out a bit.
  3. Apply the darkest shade all over the lower lash line.
  4. Finish off with mascara.

I had a lot of fun doing these different looks and they’re a great way to practice your make up skills with some cheap eyeshadow duo. The important thing here is to understand you won’t be able to do these looks with the applicator that usually comes in the eyeshadow pallet. Though you could use it to apply the lightest shade on the inner corner. To do all these looks you’d at least need: a fluffy blending brush, a brush to apply eyeshadow on specific places (not too big), a flat brush to pack on eyeshadow, a liner brush (if you’d like to do the last look).

I never spend much money on brushes, because I love to buy make up so much. The brushes I use are ordered on (some brushes are only 1€). And I bought my Morphe brushes from I’ll spend a little bit more time on the brushes I use in another post.

I mentioned this product before in my skincare routine, but I wanted to highlight it today again: the Kruidvat Micellar Water. Imagine me sitting here today in the kitchen in my PJ’s and doing make up on 1 eye, and wiping it off 7 times… It didn’t irritate my eye, it was so gentle, it removed all the waterproof mascara. I was again so impressed by this product. I like it better than the Bioderma Micellar Water and that says a lot!


I really hope you enjoyed today’s post! Tell me which look you liked the best?

I wish you guys a lovely week and I’ll talk to you in my next post!!



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30 thoughts on “Cup of Looks: One eyeshadow duo – 7 Looks

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Thank you Natalie!!! My favorite every day eye would also be the first. Even though I love cut creases, I don’t really love how they look on me… But it was fun to practice!! xoxo Sarah


  1. CleiaBeauty says:

    Great post! You can really do so much with only two shades! I like the sandwich and halo looks the best, though the cut crease is stunning 💕


  2. xoJenny says:

    This is literally the best eye shadow applying guide I’ve seen thus far!!! It’s crazy because I’m not one who knows a lot about applying shadow I’m so very basic when it comes to doing it (total lack of experience) so it blows my mind when I actually physically see the different approaches to applying and it really helps me see and conceptualize that its not just about spreading it across the lid but all the different techniques that go into each look. Wow, just wow….these visuals really helped me see that. I think my favorites would be sandwich and cut crease love those looks!!

    xo, JJ


    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Aww, thank you Jenny!! It means the world to me for you to say that!! All the YouTube Binge has allowed me to practice a lot and see different types of techniques :D. When I saw this duo, I was just sold. I love how the purple is a bit plummy and matt, making it so easy to create different looks. xoxo Sarah

      Liked by 1 person

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