Cup of Life: My New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year Friends!!

I truly wish you a very good health of course, because that’s where it all starts. I hope you’ll find and/or keep your self confidence and love. Because by loving and respecting yourself, you’ll be the better version of yourself. May love and friendship always be on your path, no matter which direction you take in life!

I can’t believe the holiday season is officially over… Time has flown by so fast. And during this intense period, I was so busy making sure that everyone got the right gifts, that I made enough food for the get-togethers, that I wrote my cards and sent them out in time (which I failed miserably),… Now luckily we have the sales period in Belgium, which is one of my favorite periods each year. But of course, after the holidays, my wallet feels very very mistreated… But hey, those are worries for after January ;D))).

I’ve been thinking about my New Years Resolutions these pas few days and I feel like, if I’d write it down, it would somehow stick better throughout the year. Ahum, so here they are:

  1. Keep my eyes open: It often happens that I am so focused on something that I desire so much, that it angers me that it doesn’t happen. And that because of this anger, I’m blind for all other acts of kindness. I fail to see that because I push so much, it actually triggers the opposite. I also need to respect other people’s boundaries. I think it’ll help me if I write down the things I’m grateful for, so that I continue to push myself to see things I might have overlooked throughout the day.
  2. Take Action: My motto in life is “I’m not a victim!”. I hate being sad or angry, especially showing it. So I do, what I do best, I just put on a fake smile and pretend that I’m happy, so that I can convince myself that I am… And I try to cope with this anger or sadness by keeping myself busy like shopping till I drop. I sometimes just drive around in the car, just so I wouldn’t need to face my issues… The thing is, the bottle it getting so full, that the anger is spilling out… I need to take action, to do things that will lead towards a solution. I’m a list person, which you already know :p, so I’ll jog my “actions” down in my bullet Journal…
  3. Don’t waste time: Life is so short, so I wish to do things to the fullest, to stay focused on what really matters, which is at the end of the day my family, friends and happiness… I’ll make a bucket list of things I wish to do this year, to stay on track.
  4. Write more, smaller blog posts: For some reason, I always feel the need to write looooong stories haha :p. What can I say, my Chinese zodiac is a rabbit, so I do enjoy the melodrama haha :p. I’ll try to keep it shorter this year though, so that I can write more often for you guys. I always have so many ideas, but I don’t get around writing them completely, just because I wish to make it too long, which then leads me to miss the opportunity to write it (like my beauty gift guide, sorry you guys)… Can you imagine how many unfinished drafts I have in my personal workspace on WordPress? It’s sometimes a pity for the limited edition products that I bought…

Those were the resolutions. I guess they’re kind of vague. But I do have some clear ideas in mind, which are too personal to share. I wouldn’t want the resolutions to fade into nothingness after a couple of weeks. So I’ll write them down in my bullet journal to stay on track. 

Have you thought about your New Years Resolution? Any tips for how to stick with it? Please share below :D, I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Much love!


13 thoughts on “Cup of Life: My New Years Resolutions

  1. Beauty and The Ballroom says:

    This is a great post. I think being realistic is what helps with keeping to resolutions. Setting too high expectations often fail so it’s good to be grounded. I want to read more, drink more water and get more sleep!!! Will it happen?? Who knows 😂

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    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      My real list is actually longer, such as eating healthier, dance more,… But honestly that’s something I constantly try to think of and not just at the beginning of the year haha. Let’s just keep it simple! I did drink more water this year, by keeping a bottle in my vicinity. I constantly fill it and I like to poor it out as the sound soothes me. I’m strange, I know haha. Getting more sleep is basically not an option for me, haha. There’s dancing, taking care of the house and writing the blog, just too many fun things to do and not much time :p…

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  2. Absolutely Olivia says:

    Love these resolutions, I just posted mine this morning! I like the idea of writing smaller blog posts and not wasting time, two things I need to focus more on. Honestly, I love your longer blog posts though, so do whatever feels right 🙂

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  3. brownkittycat says:

    Happy new year girl! My resolution is actually quite simple. It’s to sleep early cuz I find I’m tired all the time. I wish to get enough rest so I can take on the challenges in life 😅 But as I’m writing this, it’s 1am here so yeh 😩 Btw, thanks for all the love on my blog! 😙💗💜

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    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Happy new year to you too, sweetie!!! Thank you! I refuse to put that in my resolution haha. There’s too much to do! But indeed, I’m also tired all the time! I does reduce the quality of my work… I just try to listen to my body. And you’re welcome beautiful!! xoxo Sarah

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  4. Mackenzie says:

    Sarah!! Hi, beauty!!! I love love loveee these resolutions. I don’t think they are vague at all and give me a lot of inspiration too. Not wasting time is a big one for me. Making little to-do lists the night before each day has helped me a ton! Also, if you want to write big long posts you do it! Maybe I’m justifying it because I do the same.. either way.. I look forward to what you come up with ❤ ❤ Sending big hugs!!

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