Cup of Empties: April 2019

Hello my Avocado & Raspberry Smoothies! I have been a very good girl! As promised, I tried my hardest best to use up my products first before opening up any new ones. It was surprisingly easy, because I had planned so many blog posts in advance. So I didn't feel the need to buy that … Continue reading Cup of Empties: April 2019

Cup of Reviews: Neogen – Gauze Peeling Wine

Hello Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies! You might think I'm nuts for finding some dessert or sweet each time to greet you. But I honestly have something with desserts and sweets. I always name my pets a dessert or ice cream flavour name. It's convenient and it's kind of a fun and cute theme. And me … Continue reading Cup of Reviews: Neogen – Gauze Peeling Wine