Cup of Empties: February 2019

Hello crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies, That's right, I like mine crunchy! Ok, so I'm quite shocked... I was scrolling down my blog post list and I couldn't find an Empties post in 2018! Like... WHAT? O_o How did that happen? I always keep all my empties and I've come to the realization, I didn't use … Continue reading Cup of Empties: February 2019

Cup of Reviews: Bioré – Pore Cleanser with soda

Hello chocolate coated strawberries!!! Today, I'm reviewing the Bioré Pore Cleanser with Soda. I bought this product I think some 5 or 6 months ago for the purpose of reviewing of course. And I've been using it on and off. Now the bottle is almost empty, so I need to hurry to review it before … Continue reading Cup of Reviews: Bioré – Pore Cleanser with soda