Cup of Confessions: A Blissful journey

Hi Friends,

We are currently nearing the end of September and I at this point, don’t know what to write about. All I know is that I miss writing and interacting with you guys. But over these past 4 months, a lot has changed in my life. I won’t go into the details as it involves a lot of people.

I’ve said it before, but my life has been literally a roller coaster for these past few months, on emotional and physical level. I’ve learned so much from the things and the people that have made their way to my life and heart. And I am truly excited for how my life will unfold in the following months and years. I’ve never been closer to myself than at this moment. It’s exciting and a bit scary at the same time. Because I am experiencing everything for the first time. It is quite exhilarating to consider everything as new, to perhaps see things through innocent eyes with openness and without judgment. I am more excited, confident, calm and… well, happy!

More than ever, I believe in destiny, in meeting people at the right time and the right circumstances. I’ve learned to see those signs, to not work against it, let go of fear and allow myself to receive, to experience life and love hard. This also means that I’ve put myself perhaps in a vulnerable situation to get hurt. But it doesn’t weigh up against what I’ve learned from this and from the friendships I’ve gained. On the contrary, I think when you encounter a setback, you learn so much from it and about yourself.

This also means, that I won’t shy away from being vulnerable in the future, because that’s where you get to experience strong love, happiness and gratefulness, even if it means that I’ll sometimes have to deal with being hurt. I’ve learned to embrace it, because each time it shifts something in me that guides me toward the right direction in life. Each experience just brings me closer to who I truly am. And that in itself is so exciting.

Throughout these months, I’ve also learned to let go of grudges I’ve held on to for so long, I can’t even remember when it started. I’ve learned to forgive, but also to move past believes that I’ve had about myself that were holding me back (not being good enough, not being pretty enough, being too fat, not girly enough, not smart enough,…). I can’t even begin to tell you how that has changed my life. Sometimes we want so badly that people understand our point of view. But at the end of the day, we must let go and forgive, not for them, but for ourselves. Because by not doing so, we continue hurting and dragging that with us. It now feels so light and easy that I feel like I could accomplish anything.

Now before you get any crazy ideas about what I mean with me being on a roller coaster on physical level… It’s just that I kind of let go of the idea of dieting. From the moment I did this… I lost weight hahaha. I just found a sport that I adore and I’ve been consistently doing that. I’m of course talking about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (I’ll probably have to make a post on that, cause I don’t stop talking about it…). I’ve learned to love my body the way it is built. I’ve always felt insecure about how broad my shoulders were and my frame in general (contrary to the stereotypical fine bone structure you often see with Asian people). But it’s built to be strong and I’ve embraced that completely ^^. And before you ask, yes, I’m still full of bruises. Even new, are the mat burns, because I’ve been doing it more engagingly in the “rolling” (read: battles) as we call it… It’s crazy, right?! I’m now even preparing for a tournament and the Belgian Championship of 2019!!

I’m also preparing for 2 bellydance shows, for which I am super excited. I’ve been exploring different styles and I am so inspired that I have several projects in mind, for my solo’s and duo’s with my partner in crime. I’ve finally also found a name that sticks with me as solo artist, Sarafiah! So happy with how it sound :D!! I’ll soon make a blogpost of my experience at the Bellydance Sparkles show (which was back in May), where I did my first solo ever!!

Sooooo, what does it actually mean for this blog? I more than ever stand strongly behind inspiring and helping people to deal with certain stressful or painful situations, to look for positivity and feel self love. It’s something I am passionate about, hoping that somehow it would help someone out there. My love for beauty hasn’t changed, though I now no longer feel the urge to purchase that much beauty products hahaha. That was the result of getting closer to myself. So I am currently using up all the products I’ve hoarded for the past years :p. So you may expect an empties post quite soon.

My make up routine has also been very basic these past few months, though it has nothing to do with laziness. I’ve just learned to appreciate my natural beauty more ;). Of course, I’ll go for that cat liner any time ;). It’s just that I don’t feel the urge to put on that much armor anymore, because I do feel good with who I am. I’m more at ease. It’s all part of the process, right?!

Soooo that was kind of the update, friends! I won’t commit to a fixed posting day, as I am so busy with all my activities!! But I definitely have a list of ideas for the posts and please feel free to make suggestions!



3 thoughts on “Cup of Confessions: A Blissful journey

  1. LivingOutLoud says:

    Hi Sarah!

    You are so beautiful, strong, and inspiring. I am happy to hear that you are happy and thriving. Change can be challenging when we are in the midst of it. I think I struggle with clinging on to how I thought things should have been. Like clinging to a day dream, but when we let it go it is amazing how wonderful real life can be. Like clearing rain clouds to let the sun shine through ❤

    It sounds like you are living your truth and letting go of what used to keep you from growing. "When you stop growing it is time to get going." You are on a beautiful path. Keep being yourself and you will continue to radiate that beautiful energy that attracts the right people.

    I missed you and am so happy to see you here. It is amazing that you are training for an upcoming Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship. I love how you pursue your interests with passion and enthusiasm. It inspires me. Also glad to hear that you are continuing with your belly dancing. It has been a joy to watch you blossom through the years.

    I am doing well. I can't remember if I told you, but Christopher and I bought a property in Hawaii. The same island that my Grandma grew up on (she passed this year) I am loving it here. It has been a big change to be far away from my friends and family, but I think it is a good place for me to grow and become my best self. We also managed to get our cats here too.

    Here's to living our truths and becoming our best selves.

    Love ya!

    ❤ Alana

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    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Hi My Beautiful Friend,
      How have you been? I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. It’s been such a crazy ride, meeting new people, getting my feelings sorted out, finding myself again, falling in love. I’ve had a crazy 2019. It is for me the best year of my life and there are still beautiful years to come. Oh how I’m excited for life.

      I’m sorry about your grandma. But it’s great you get to go back to your roots, to where she lived. It is so amazing to find again the place where you belong.

      I’m currently trying to figure out what to write about, because everything in my life has changed. And specifically me… So it’s a bit finding the balance again. I still love writing though. That never changes ^^.

      Hoping to hear from you soon!


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      • LivingOutLoud says:

        Happy New Year My Beautiful Friend!

        You don’t have to apologize for being MIA. I am just so happy to hear from you. I figured that you were busy living your life and that is the best thing you can do. You made some major life changes and I am so happy for you! You will have to tell me more about the best year of your life 🙂

        I experience this feeling myself with blogging. As I make big life changes I often feel stumped and wonder what to write about myself. Really, this is the beauty about blogging you can write about anything that is on your heart. You don’t even have to tell it all.

        Going through a tough time? Writing is such a wonderful way to sort through the trials and mixed emotions. I am so thankful for the way you helped me sort through mine last winter.

        Those wins and victories in life, new experiences, adventures, revelations, and lessons learned along the way are also amazing to write about.

        I am doing well! We love our new home and I am so glad that we decided to move here. I finally completed my undergrad degree before the new year started and that is so exciting for me. I know it took me awhile (just the usual 4 years, but it feels longer since I was an older student) and now I am in the process of trying to decide what do I want to do next?

        I want to move through my 30’s with joy and to live the life I dreamed of living back when I was struggling through my twenties.
        I always love talking with you Sarah! So glad to hear that you are doing well.

        ❤ Alana


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