Cup of Confessions: OMG – I am a certified Zumba Teacher

I am a Zumba Instructor!

Forget about May recap, I couldn’t hold it for myself any longer!! Since last weekend, I am a certified Zumba instructor! I can’t believe it! I’ve been dying to tell you guys this and if you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen it.

Where and how to start?!! I guess… when I was starting out Marie Forleo’s B-school. I was and I still am looking for answers, for what I’m supposed to do. But as I was trying to find my way in the maze of tangles that are my desires, I just couldn’t figure out what I should go for. The truth is, I have so many plans and I just don’t want to miss out no longer. I need to have the feeling I’m moving forward. One of the things I’ve been considering is teaching dance classes. Initially, 2 of my belly dance teachers told me I could potentially be good at this, that I easily had the moves.

The thing with me is that, I’ve been trying to stay as closely to myself as possible. And teaching belly dance also meant taking classes in the Netherlands and that it would be a big investment. I was looking for dance classes that instantly gave me the butterfly feelings, and this wasn’t it yet. It was too much of a commitment financially wise. And I felt like I needed to enjoy doing some open stages and belly dance shows first… However the idea of teaching a dance class didn’t let go of me. So on impulse I looked up Zumba, because that’s also something I’ve been doing for years in my living room on the Wii console. It’s also always been something I was good at. When I saw it only took a master class of 2 days for 350€ something euro’s. I thought, YES, this is it! I’m going to do it! Though I did allow myself to hesitate for a couple of days… When Zumba sent a code for 25% off, they had me haha! It felt RIGHT in the GUT!

Though, a couple of days before the weekend I did have some anxiety: “what if I’m no good at this, what if no one wants classes from me, what if there are too many instructors, what if people won’t like me, what if… bla bla bla”. I have to kill those ANTS (= Automatic Negative Thoughts), but they usually come up when I have something new to try out. Anyhows, I had already paid for it, so I figured I had nothing to lose! Man, was I GLAD I went!!!!

Arriving Saturday morning at 8.15 am, I never expected to be welcomed in such a beautiful dance room. It absolutely screamed Zumba Party!!

From the moment our teacher, Jaromir Cremers arrived, there was this ENERGY that was surrounding this guy! Can you believe he was the one to make most of the choreo’s for the Zumba Wii games!?! It got me SHOOK! He started off with an hour of actual Zumba, which was AMAZING! I’m sorry about the caps, but there are basically no words to describe how he gave the class with such enthusiasm, energy, conviction and above all PASSION! If you want to know who this guy is, you just need to search his name on Youtube! There are so many vids and shows you could find of him and his wife. And he now teaches different styles of Zumba, specializing in Zumba Aqua.

After that first “warm up”, Jaromir explained us the history of Zumba, which made me respect this program even more. They’ve had their ups and downs, but they came out of it strong and with such innovation. Beto’s (Zumba’s inventor) story was so inspiring. It all started with Beto forgetting his music for his fitness class and having to teach the course with his Salsa music. People loved it! Beto eventually moved out of Columbia to the US to try his luck. He presented the Zumba at a fitness gathering, but it wasn’t really welcomed. So he started teaching a class in Miami, where it got successful pretty quickly. From the moment he was visited by an entrepreneur, Zumba eventually took over the world… Jaromir told us this with lot’s of funny stories! It was a joy to listen to him talk!

In the afternoon, Jaromir started to show us the basic steps of Zumba and the different styles you could have. He even randomly picked out students to stand at the front, which happened to me both on Saturday and on Sunday. Scary, but oh so fun! Oh so confronting and crazy at the same time!

On Sunday, we continued with the different styles and during the course of the day, we were taught how to make choreos ourselves and how to actually teach the class so that it’s easy for any student to follow. He gave so many tips and tricks!

I’ve learned so much during the course of 2 days! At the end of the class, there was a possibility to subscribe to Zumba’s Instructor Network (ZIN), but financially it wasn’t a good thing to do at the moment. But I’m soooo going to subscribe soon! I can’t wait to start preparing for my first class and starting to make choreos. I had never imagined I would be this inspired!

So yeah, now I’m officially Zumba instructor. This means that there will be a huge prepping period of choosing the music, making choreos, learning the steps by heart and actually teaching them!

This is what I call, living your life with purpose! Hope you enjoyed this read!



6 thoughts on “Cup of Confessions: OMG – I am a certified Zumba Teacher

  1. LivingOutLoud says:

    Congratulations on becoming a Zumba Instructor, Sarah!!!! Zumba is my favorite dance fitness class. You are going to be a great instructor!

    ❤ Alana


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