Cup of Reviews: Catrice – Palette à Porter “Soul Searcher” & “Exotic Traveller”

Hello my lovely Curaçao Cocktails!

I don’t know about you! But my days are FULL! Truly loving it, though it’s getting a bit chaotic haha :p. Lessons learned for the upcoming months. I am currently enjoying making the 2 choreos for the Bellydance Sparkles dance show in on the 17th of June. I’m doing one duo and one solo. It’ll the very first time I’ll be performing solo on stage! I am so so much looking forward to that! It’s a bit stressful, but definitely the exciting kind.

A couple of months ago, I got some new palettes that caught my eye at my local drugstore. Catrice and Essence are usually coming out with products every other day. I’ve given up trying to keep up with that. But these palettes looked so cute and portable that I just had to grab them. There were several shade ranges I could choose from. I bought a neutral one, that I gave to my friend! They all kind of looked a bit neutral to me. But I did get 2 palettes with some “pops of color” for myself.

The Packaging

I’m a big fan of the sleek small and thin palettes. No mirror, but you can see the colors through the lid. I love the gold lettering on the front. Though I must say, I find the names confusing. Because on the front you have the letters in gold, but on the back there is a number with another name. So I’m not sure…

  • Front: Soul Searcher – Back: 020 Namaste all day
  • Front: Exotic Traveller – Back 030 Wanderlust

The packages come with 5.2g/ Net Wt 0.18 oz e worth of product, which is not a whole lot of product. But who ever uses up their eyeshadow… It retails for 3.99€ at Kruidvat. Super affordable as always…

The Shades

These swatch deliciously smoothly. I don’t know how else to describe it.

  • Soul Searcher – 020 Namaste All Day
    • You get 6 frosty metallic shades, that are 100% smooth. No chunks at all. Swatched, it looks extremely wet.
    • You get a satiny white, a frosty pearl, a frosty tan, a frosty taupe, a deeper frosty taupe and a satiny deep blue turquoise.
  • Exotic Traveller – 030 Wanderlust
    • You get 3 matt shades and 3 smooth wet looking shades.
    • There are 3 shades that almost look identical to the previous palette: The frosty pearl, the tan shade (though in this palette it’s slightly more coppery) and the frosty taupe (it seems to have a tad bit more purple in it, in this palette). The remaining 3 are smooth matts: a matt white, a murky forest green shade and a deep red.

How does it perform?

All the frosty and satiny shades are super smooth to apply! The frosty ones looks better swatched than on the eyes, as it looks less intense. Applied with the brush it does fade out quickly I find these are best applied with the finger.

The matt shades also kan be applied with the finger, but also transfer well with the brush. It does tend to fade out easily so I find myself reapplying several times before it has the desired depth.

The shadows don’t really settle on the skin, so any light touch will surely make it fade. But even without touch, it does tend to fade throughout the day anyway.

My overall thoughts

I love the packaging! I love how compact, sleek and elegant it is… Very portable. The shades aren’t super exciting to an eye shadow junkie. But overall, I can imagine someone who’s not that into make up enjoying this. It’s easy to apply and it look quite natural. You can intensify it by using the darkest shades. These palettes make it easy to look elegant and put together easy and quickly.

I wouldn’t say it’s the wet dream of a mega make up lover, but I’m sure, these are palettes that would be well appreciate by someone who likes a bit of make up and likes to play safe.

I am probably giving these away… Because I have some palettes I enjoy more. But definitely not bad products.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review!

Have a lovely week, beautifuls!



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