Cup of Looks: Urban Decay Born To Run – Mermaid sands

Hello My Beautiful Strawberry Shortcakes!

How is your weekend going?!! Mine is CRAZY!! I’ll tell you about it in my month recap, so you’ll have to wait for 3 more weeks! Aside from that, all my classes I’m having are starting to kick my butt, as I see time slipping by and that I don’t get around doing everything haha! This explains why I haven’t been able to catch up with your posts yet! Sorry for that, I think I’m going to take it on slower in June, or hopefully July :p.

Okay, so I have a confession to make… Remember when I published that blog post about not knowing which palette to get, as I was hesitating between the ABH Norvina palette or the UD Born To Run palette. Well in the meantime, when I was on a trip to Asia, I had a stop in London Heathrow. As they didn’t have Anastasia Beverly Hills, I only got a look at the Born To Run palette. A couple of swatches and I was of course hooked.

I still haven’t reviewed it yet. But I have been distracted by other palettes I have been loving. And you only have one pair of eyes of course haha! I am now posting a look I wore last week. Very original, I know, but I just love mermaidy shades…

  1. Weekender: using a neutral beige color I sweep it over the crease.
  2. Blaze: I then applied with my finger a frosty white pink on the inner half of the eye.
  3. Big Sky: is by far my favorite shade in this palette. It’s a mermaidy green! Ughh soo pretty. You could apply this shade with a finger on the outer half, but I used a rounded brush to blend out the harsh lines.
  4. Radio:Adding a deeper blue gives the oceany green shade some depth.
  5. Wanderlust: It turned out a bit greyish, so It’s not an ideal color for the lower lash line. I always think greens and blues go hand in hand.
  6. Breakaway: Using a matt and illuminating white, I highlighted the brown bone and the inner corners for the eye and added some glitter on the inner corner for a touch of magic.
  7. Lined the eyes of course
  8. Applied a general coat of mascara.

I’m sorry, lovelies. I had forgotten to take a picture of the look as I was rushing to work. Anyhows, it’s an Urban Decay product, so we all know how that performs. It always comes down to the shade range. Do you think I should review this palette for you?

Short post, but I hoped you enjoyed it!



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