Cup of Confessions: Mother’s day – The ladies who’ve made me who I am today

Hello lovely blueberry muffins!

How have you been! What are you guys planning on giving the nr 1 lady in your life? As my mom reads my blog, I won’t share what I’ve gotten her here obviously :p. In the spirit of mother’s day, I thought I’d give the momma’s out there who’ve changed my life a little love! Momma being a mom to a bunch of kids, a furry little pet, a blooming business or a massive shoe or bag collection… Take your pick :p.

There are many amazing, beautiful and talented ladies in my life: My BFF Stephanie, her mom Marie Thérèse, my other BFF Helen, my sister in law Berta, my cousin Jentel, my dance teachers and so so so many more!!!

The women I’m about to talk about have truly changed me to the core, have made me adapt my beliefs about the world and especially about myself… They may or may not know this, but the impact of what they’ve given me was tremendous and a start of something that gave me purpose and hope in my life.

My Mom

Before you ask, yes they’re always matching on parties :p. I believe my dad has a vest in any color possible to match with my mom :p.

It’d be unforgivable to do this post without starting with my mom. She’s the one person who knows how to push my buttons and get me to explode like a block of dynamite within seconds. But, I love her dearly. Even at the age of 57, she’s still very innocent at times and very surprising at other times. Though she can drive me nuts, there is something very admirable about her, which is the fact that she can appreciate any small thing in life. Aside from that, my mom has a crazy amount of resilience. When she’s hurt, she goes all the way being hurt, when she falls, she falls deep. She allows herself that. But, when it’s done, she moves on. She does what she has to to go forward. It’s like an explosion and then she wipes everything clean haha! Standing aside my dad, I’ve seen her support him, teasing him and still caring to give him little things that make him happy, even though she’s not good with words. Heck, she never utters the word “love”. But it’s shown in the things she does. It is that innocence in her that has stayed untouched, that makes her very charming.


Cris is an ex colleague and dear friend of mine (isn’t she gorgeous!! Watch the make over I did here). There was this instant connection when we first met. When you get to know her, she’s outgoing, fun, crazy and very sweet, but when it comes to protecting what she holds dear, when it comes to defending what she believes in, boy does she fight. I once told her, she reminded me of Xena the warrior princess. It’s like she got herself armored and armed with a sword to cut someone’s head off haha. The most important lesson she taught me was how to stand up for myself, how to communicate better. I used to feel guilty but annoyed when I tried to say no to someone. As we’re very alike (even if you wouldn’t say that at first glance), what I went through, she also already did, so she knew exactly how I felt. She taught me how to say no, for valid reasons (which she took the time to explain me). I sometimes find myself explaining something to my younger colleagues the way Cris has done with me. I’d proudly always think, I’m pulling off a “Cris”. Like my mom, she has the spirit of a fighter: she’ll do what she has to do in order to get through the storm.

Els, my Career Coach

I’ve talked about Els before in my Cup of Confessions: What are your talents?, but this woman has unlocked something very precious in me. If you imagine hiding all your dreams and desires in a box and lock it away very deep in you, because you believe it’s worthless, you often put chains on it and some extra securities so it won’t get uncovered and unlocked :p. When I was at the brink of a burnout and sought out her help, my initial hope was that she’d be able to say: look your profile is perfect for this and this job. At the end of my 8 hours sessions with her, I would’ve never imagined the results I eventually obtained. Not only did she uncoil some of my greatest convictions and fears, she allowed me to have the feeling that it was okay being who I was. She even did more, she gave me the acknowledgement of my talents, which was liberating and powerful! My journey of self development started with her. After each session I always felt lighter and free. She’s soft and attentive, but also a burst of energy and passion for what she does!

Marie Forleo

Though I don’t know this woman on a personal level (She did once mention my name and read my comment out loud and threw a bunch of confetti just for moi, during an online live session ;D), she has me convinced that I am unique with my own set of talents and gifts. It’s funny how I now can say it, while I used to cringe even talking about what “I am good at”. It felt like showing off… Marie convinced me that it never was about bragging, but about sharing some info on your DNA, with which you were born. Her natural enthusiasm is downright inspiring. And sharing her stories makes me hope and believe like I’ve never had before, that there is more out there for me. That dreaming big is not only okay, but a MUST, something you owe yourself! I now couldn’t agree more. I love how she always ends her vids with “Don’t stop going for your dreams, because the world needs that special gift only you have”. Amen to that, woman!!

Friendship, love, care and great advice may come from very unexpected places. Who are the momma’s you’d like to thank this time around? Please share below!

Happy Mother’s day to all you beautiful moms out there!



One thought on “Cup of Confessions: Mother’s day – The ladies who’ve made me who I am today

  1. Cris says:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful words. We both went through some serious sh** but hey thanks to that I’ve got a friend for life xxx


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