Cup of Beauty: Products Youtube made me buy – Urban Decay

Hello my sweet thin and crunchy Oreo cookies (aren’t they divine!!),

I’ve had this post on my mind for a very long time now! And I thought, heck why not just write it :D!! As you know, I’ve been monitoring my finances since this year (yup quite late, but better late than never). But God knows, there was a time, I was a bit less careful with my wallet. I’ve been watching Beauty Youtube vids since I was 18, when I was trying to study something like biology or math and didn’t feel like it. Erm that’s like 14 years ago (already!! O_o).

So there are a lot of brands that at that moment, I couldn’t get my hands on, because they were only available in the US. You can imagine that when the day came that we were able to order brands like Urban Decay and Too Faced on, I’ve gone as crazy as my finances allowed me to.

For Part I, I am starting off with Urban Decay as a brand in general. Back in the day, EVERYONE talked about it. I liked XSparkage’s vids a lot and the one brand she loved talking about was of course Urban Decay. I think that she still talks about all of their releases. And from the get go, it was obvious that Urban Decay was and remains strong in metallic super pigmented shades. Some palettes I’ve had for a very long time now, but they remain little jewels in my collection. Here are the ones, Youtube pushed me to buy:


Yup, the absolute original! I’ve hit pan on 4 shades in this palette and even though it’s maybe more than 10 years old now, the swatches remain as beautiful and pigmented as when I first got it. Too bad, it’s no longer available. But this was the palette that set the standard for all the neutral palettes out there!

The Great Powerful Oz – The Glinda palette

Gosh, I loved that movie (even have it on DVD)! There were 2 palettes available, one for Glinda (Michelle Williams) and one for the wicked witch (Mila Kunis). The first had cooler toned shades and the latter warmer shades. You can imagine which one I had to get :p, the Glinda palette obviously. Even though up to this day I still feel like the shades are beautiful, I haven’t used it as much as I’d like to. I don’t think I’ve created many looks with it…

Gwen Stefani Blush Palette

Who remembers Gwen Stefani’s collab with UD?! I never got the eyeshadow palette, because at that moment I just had bought another one. And I wanted to buy something a bit different that I hadn’t tried before. So I got the blush palette instead. I actually hit pan on 2 shades and opening it now makes we want to use it again! Such beautiful shades!!!

Naked 3

Beautiful beautiful palette! I remember that I couldn’t get my hands on this one! But even with all my enthusiasm, I quickly grew tired of it, because it feels like you’re applying a wash of pinks on your lids. I think you can obtain beautiful and sophisticated looks with this palette, and definitely not saying you can’t get creative with this. But you know me, I need my pops of color…


This is the least wearable palette UD has and I still LOOOOVE it. I use it each time I’m asked to do some crazy party make up. The shimmer is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Still love it, though definitely not used on a daily basis… Check my review here.


Man, I forgot how much I LOVE this palette. I shall bust it out again to enjoy it’s colorful and bold shades! I did a lot of looks using this palette when I first starting posting on Instagram, which is a month or so before I started this blog.

Full Spectrum

Remember me reviewing this baby? This palette was supposed to be a great choice! But somehow all the shades were so mute and I wasn’t getting as many looks out of it as I wanted to. When Urban Decay started coming out with these square palettes, they had this colorful one but also just launched a neutral one (Naked Ultimate Basics). I wasn’t drawn to the neutral one, so I got this one. Sadly, I haven’t been using it much…

I think that if I’d go back in time I would only buy the following palettes:

  • Naked
  • Gwen Stefani Blush Palette
  • Moondust
  • Electric

So this wraps up this first part! Do you have a bunch of products that resulted from hours of you watching Youtube vids? Which ones do you regret buying? Please feel free to share!

Hope you enjoyed this quick post, I’ll talk to you soon!



4 thoughts on “Cup of Beauty: Products Youtube made me buy – Urban Decay

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Oreo cookies truly are the best 🙂

    I have got to try a Naked Palette!! So many people rave about them- and I love the subtle yet striking colors!

    Thanks for sharing all these and your thoughts- I hadn’t heard of these other ones yet! Have a great rest of the week, Sarah!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Ughh yes, Oreo cookies, I could die eating them! Have you tried the very thin ones yet? They’re addictive!! Glad you like the post! Many of the palettes I wrote about here, are no longer available. Sadly, they’ve taken out the original Naked. The limited editions are also not available anymore: Gwen Stefani and the Wizard of Oz palettes. But I think you can still get all the rest! But they come out with so many products, so fast! It’s crazy! Very good quality, always!

      You too enjoy the rest of your week Mack! Thanks for dropping by Beautiful!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hunida says:

    Lol yess!! I totally think the crisp & thin Oreos are even better than the original. ♡ UD has my absolute fave metallic eyeshadow formula. All of these palettes are gorgeous but such a bummer about the last one. I wonder why the shades turned out so mute!


  3. oliveunicorn says:

    I wish they would make an Electric 2 pallette . I still have mine and have almost hit pan on Urban (purple) . Its still one of my favorites and I use it quite a bit with some of my other pallettes .

    Liked by 1 person

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