Cup of Looks: Revolution Emily Noel palette – Golden Leaves

Hello my lovely Passion Fruit Sorbets!

Are you into gold accessories and eye shadow? I actually don’t often wear gold as I’m more attracted to silver and cooler toned shades. It’s not that I don’t like it, I just don’t particularly think it looks good on me. You’ll see me wear gold eye shadow when it’s combined with another shade. I here pair it with a foresty green. But gold also looks beautiful with a royal navy blue!

This post is, as the title says it, featuring Emily Noels collab with Make Up Revolution. Check the review here, if you haven’t read it yet.

  1. As always starting off with a matt neutral light to medium brown shade all over the eyelid, here Hobby.
  2. I then applied a warm metallic gold (Top Story in this palette) all over the eyelid remaining under the crease (your eyesocket).
  3. On the outer third, I applied a matt deep foresty green, here Corduroy.
  4. On the space between the gold and the green, I applied a metallic olive shade (Side Hustle) with the ring finger.
  5. Taking Hobby again with a fluffy brush, I blend out the harsh edges in the crease of the gold and the green.
  6. Now it’s time for a creamy matt highlighter (The Cream) on the browbone to keep verything balanced and have the rest colors more vibrant. At the same time, I applied my cat eyeliner.
  7. Applied several coats of mascara et voilà!

I always like to combine this color combo with an orangy red lip. Even though orange reds don’t look great on me, it does work, because it’s combined with golds and greens.

I hope you enjoyed this quick look! Enjoy the rest of your week Beautifuls! And remember, stay positive, open minded and curious!



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