Cup of Confessions: April 2019 Recap

Hello my beloved chocolate mousses!!

How was April for you?! Already one 3rd of the year 2019 has disappeared! For me celebrating New Year was like last week or something. Like each month I’m amazed at the speed time slips through the fingers… Not about to complaint about that, but enjoy each second of it.

I hope you had a lovely month! I always get so excited to write these posts for you, you have no idea! I’m excited because it’s like starting over a fresh month each time and I get to look forward to the activities I am planning. Secondly it allows me to review the past month and really appreciate the little things I did. Because otherwise, time would just go by in a daze. And I just don’t want to waste any moment of it.

I’m still going strong with my resolutions, meaning that I keep them in mind and try to do as much as possible. Doing 1 thing consistently has the ability to shift all the rest. So finding the right balance is really key.


  • Weight Loss: I’ve started Hayley Pomroys Metabolism Revolution diet. I have to say, I’m not losing nearly as much weight as I did with her first Fast Metabolism Diet. But this Metabolism Revolution seems to be easier to follow, because there are only 2 phases, making it easier to meal prep. But it’s okay, because the main goal is also to eat healthier, well balanced and filled with good nutrients. I’m also trying to cut some slack to my body, don’t want to hate on it, but giving it the love and care it needs. I’ve also gotten back into Zumba. I’m now trying to commit myself to daily movement instead of 3 times per week. I’d go with 1x belly dance, 1x fitness, 1x latin dance and the rest of the days a short Zumba session of 30 minutes to get all sweaty.
  • Make Belly Dance Choreo’s: So the show with Bellydance Sparkles is now fixed and I’ve sent my music in! I am sooooo excited to work out the choreo. I’ve been listening to it countlessly in the car to get the moves down. Meaning that I’ve already been practicing in my head haha, needing to bring it to life still. I’ve decided not to go with Pharaonic Odyssey last minute, because I just didn’t feel like cutting down the 5 minutes to 4. So I went for something entirely different!
  • Post 2x/week on the blog: Going steady! Going steady! It’s been almost 3 full months posting 3x/week. So proud of myself :D! I’ve had some new subbies this past month, so thank you so much for joining, reading and commenting!! It’s much much much appreciated! Thanks for the support and kind words everyone! It’s such a lovely community!!
  • Learn Chinese: I didn’t do well in this area. I’ve learned a max of once per week which is really not enough when you’re studying a language. But I’ll explain later on, what’s been going on in my educational life haha :D!
  • Make some creative works: Well I’ve decorated my house in the spirit of Easter, if that counts as creative works! And next month I’m planning on crocheting some amigurumi’s for someones B-day. I’m making some owls and give it to them on a bunch of twigs :p. Pictures will of course follow ;).
Adding some touches of Easter
  • House chores: I did well! I’m a bit surprised, but I’ve been consistently cleaning up. It helps the productivity and the mindfulness when the area is clean. Aside from the house chores, I now also have the garden to take care of. Luckily my daddy is willing to help out :p. I’m not exactly a garden pixie with magical green fingers… But I did pick out some pretty flowers ^^.
  • Finance: Under control… I can’t say I saved much (like nothing at all), but that’s because I subscribed to several courses. I am currently following 3 courses + I did an advanced payment to get a certificate, I’ll talk about in a couple of weeks.
  • New Learnings: Okay, so I’m adding this new resolution or section. Because I’ve been subscribing to a lot of courses lately and I am absolutely loving it! I feel so alive, so active and happy to give my brain some chunks of knowledge to bite on! This month, I’ve discovered Jim Kwik’s Superbrain courses on Mindvalley and after his first free session I was hooked. The things he teaches you to have a better memory are simple, yet effective. What he teaches you, you literally just don’t forget. I decided to do his 30 days quest because that’s where everything starts… A good memory, better learning skills, faster reading abilities to learn new languages and many other things. I want it all! And to top that off, I’ve also subscribed to Lifebook (which starts on 6 May, cain’t wait!) from Jon and Missy Butcher, because I really want to master several areas in my life and create a Life Vision for tomorrow, for later and live my life towards it. It may sound a bit cryptic, but I’ve come to believe that I’ll only be truly happy when I know where I’m headed to. I don’t want to live my life just for the sake of living. I need to have purpose…


  • Dumbo: I went to the theaters to watch Dumbo, the little flying elephant. What a beautiful movie! A film from Tim Burton, with Eva Green and Collin Pharell as actors could only result in amazingness! Anything but realistic of course, but I solely went for Dumbo’s cute little butt, lovely blue eyes and heroic deeds. Man, I love that baby elephant! I just had to bust out my little Dumbo teddy to sleep!
  • My B-day: I wrote about this last week, if you’ve missed that post read it here! But it was great!
  • Shopping: It has been so long since I last shopped. But for my B-day I got a gift coupon to go shop at my favorite mall Dockx Brussels. So I naturally I had a good excuse to pick up a couple of dresses :D. I also got the white sneakers from my mom for my B-day :D!! Haven’t worn sneakers since middle school :p. I love them! Don’t know how I managed to make myself look taller in the first picture, but there was no Photoshop… I guess it’s because I put the camera lower…
R1L: dress from Zara, R1R-R2L-R2R: dresses from Pull & Bear, shoes from Puma.

Anyhows, it was really a wonderful month! Wishing you a lovely weekend and lots of sunshine!



One thought on “Cup of Confessions: April 2019 Recap

  1. Hunida says:

    Sounds like a pretty wonderful month! I’ve been dying to see Dumbo since it was released & I love all your new dresses. They go so well with the white sneaks. 🙂


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