Cup of Looks: 3 different lip looks with just one lip product

Hello my lovely Peach Parfaits!

The beautiful sun is shining, the colors are vibrant and so it’s the perfect time to bust out a strong statement lip shade. No no, don’t hide, come back here :p. Don’t be scare. Let me first of all clear out some misunderstandings you may have about bold lips:

  • It doesn’t look good on me: it’s not about it not looking good on you. It’s about you finding the right shade that fits your skin tone, your hair, your eyes. Secondly it’s about the intensity, you apply it on your lips.
  • It’s not long lasting: it’s all about technique! I’ll share some simple tips below that’ll help your lip shade last a couple of hours longer.
  • My lips are too dry: Ever heard of lip balm? Apply it before you put on any product. Some lip products are also good to apply above your lipstick. Or a good gloss may do wonders.
  • I’m going to do lot’s of kissing, so it won’t work: Erm, there are products that are smooch proof. I even wrote a whole post on this topic. Read it here.

Now that we got that out of the way, we can get to the good stuff :p. First let’s choose a lip shade. There are several things to be said about this. You may follow some rules to give you a guideline. But overall, you have warm, cool and neutral skin tones. I think that neutrals can look good with a lot of colors. If you have warm skin, you’ll look better with warmer orangy shades. If you have cool toned skin, you’ll look better with cooler pinkier shades. I find that it’s all about trying out different shades. No worries, it’s not a tattoo, you can wash it off, so play around with shades a little. Do this with a group of friends as some feedback will help you gain more confidence.

Once you have your shade, there are several ways to apply it. Here I’ll show you how to obtain:

  1. The Dolly Look: a Japanese style look, that makes your lips look a bit smaller and doll like. It looks like you’ve been eating a popsicle.
  2. The Natural Look: a wash of color that gives your lips a bit of color but that looks very natural because it leaves your underlying original lip color through.
  3. The Full On Look: if you’re into a bold lip look, this will help it last much much longer!

The Dolly Look

  1. Conceal your natural lip shade with concealer or foundation on the edges of your lips.
  2. Apply lipstick on the inner side of your lips.
  3. Blend out carefully using your finger, but keeping the shade focused on the inner side of your lips.
  4. Finish off with clear gloss if desired. A better effect is obtained if you keep the gloss at the center of your lips.

The Natural Look

This one is soooo simple. And it looks good on ANY person!

  1. Rub some lipstick on your ring finger.
  2. Pad with your finger on your lips and blend it out softly.
  3. Finish off with a clear gloss if you like. Or if your lips are dry, apply some lip balm on top.

The Full On Look

This looks requires some prepping. So before getting into it, make sure to scrub your lips. If your lips are very dry, apply some lip balm first before starting the next steps.

  1. Start with clean lips or lip balm if you have dry lips.
  2. Line the lips with a pencil in the same shade, or if you like to play with it, you may choose another shade.
  3. Color the lips in with the liner.
  4. Blot with a tissue, don’t rub, but make sure that the excess product is on your tissue.
  5. Put on the lipstick.
  6. Blot again.
  7. Apply another layer of lipstick
  8. Blot, while holding a clean tissue on your lips and apply powder on top with a brush on the tissue (not directly on your lips). It doesn’t matter which powder to use, I usually go for a setting powder. But use whatever your have (blush or bronzer).
  9. Add another layer of lipstick or gloss. Though adding gloss doesn’t help make it last longer than when using lipstick.

You may wonder why you’d go through all these steps. There are 3 advantages:

  • If you skip the last step and blot off the excess, your lips will be smooch proof. You will give off less product when you kiss someone! Not saying you should go in with a French kiss, just a smooch. If you’d want to a real good kiss, I’d still recommend Korean Lip stains.
  • Secondly your color will last longer, without you needing to reapply. I did this workshop with my colleagues at work and it lasted them until evening. Which was more than 6 hours.
  • Strangely, you won’t feel the product sitting on your lips…

Why rocking a red lip is good for you 😉

Did you know that a red lip has the power to hold the attention of the people around you 2 minutes longer. Our brain is wired to be fixated by that. It’s a biological thing. Don’t fight it and use it for your own benefit ;). I find that having a red lip during a meeting gives me more confidence and it holds the attention of the people a bit longer. Can you deal with the attention, though? That’s another matter :).

This wraps up this little post! I hope this gives you confidence to rock a colorful lip look ;). I always thought in the past, that even if I had a bad day, that at least I looked good :D. I feel like a good lip color can be intimidating for people. And to be honest, it’s quite funny to see their reaction. Don’t be discouraged.

Enjoy your week Beautifuls!!



2 thoughts on “Cup of Looks: 3 different lip looks with just one lip product

  1. LivingOutLoud says:

    Hi Sarah!
    You have Gorgeous lips! Thanks for the tips I like that you talked about the different styles of applying lip color. I am definitely going to try these out!

    ❤ Alana


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