Cup of Empties: April 2019

Hello my Avocado & Raspberry Smoothies!

I have been a very good girl! As promised, I tried my hardest best to use up my products first before opening up any new ones. It was surprisingly easy, because I had planned so many blog posts in advance. So I didn’t feel the need to buy that many new products. So even though I haven’t committed to a full no buy, I don’t feel this urge of purchasing anything new. Besides I still have some products to review from my previous trip to Asia…

Behold the Cup of Empties!

empties: Sephora Micellar water, Neogen Gauze peeling pads, Rituals hand cream The Ritual of Karma, Banila Co Clean it Zero, Essence mascara Get BIG Lashes, Essence Volume Hero Mascara, Marc Jacob Velvet Noir mascara

SEPHORA – Charcoal Micellar Cleansing Water

empties: Sephora Micellar water

This was an okay product. It does what it claims, but I feel like I always have to use a lot of cotton pads to remove everything. So it feels like such a waste. Compared to other micellar waters, this also tends to sting the eyes. You can check my detailed review here. Won’t repurchase it.

BANILA CO – Clean it Zero

empties: Banila Co Clean it Zero

If you’ve read my review back in January, you’ll know that I love, LUUUURVE this product :D. Easy to use, no waste and you feel like you get all the dirt off as you use your fingers to rub on your skin. Can’t recommend it enough! They have other types for sensitive skin and such. I’ll definitely be checking that out.

NEOGEN – Gauze Peeling Wine

empties: Neogen Gauze peeling pads,

Another favorite of the past few months. Loved how the soaked pads removed the dead skin cells from my face without that scrubby feeling. I felt so clean afterwards and my skin looked smooth and clear. Loved it so much, I got it in the Green Tea version. Read my detailed review here.

RITUALS – The Ritual of Karma hand cream

empties: Rituals hand cream The Ritual of Karma

I previously got a full box of 5 mini hand creams from Rituals. I truly love their products as they’re so moisturizing. This Rituals of Karma hand cream offers also offers sun protection (SPF 15), which I think is always a plus. It doesn’t smell like sunscreen at all. I enjoyed this product, but I’d never purchase the full size, because I have other favorite scents from Rituals, like The Ritual of Sakura.

ESSENCE COSMETICS – Get BIG Lashes Volume Boost Mascara

empties: Essence mascara Get BIG Lashes

I even finished 2 tubes. It’s the cheapest and best mascara I’ve used so far. It holds up the curl nicely and looks natural without clumping. It doesn’t look spectacular or intense but does the job nicely.

ESSENCE COSMETICS – Volume Hero Mascara

empties: Essence Lash Hero Mascara

A good mascara that works well paired with the previous one. But on itself, it doesn’t really hold the curl. Not repurchasing this one.

MARC JACOBS – Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

empties: Marc Jacob Velvet Noir mascara

This mascara is sooooo GOOD! It doesn’t hold the curl, but topped over a mascara that does hold the curl, it looks spectacular: dark, sexy, thicks lashes and not clumpy! I’ve never understood the use in buying high end mascara’s, because they had never worked for me before. But someday, I’m going to buy this one, even if it’s 30€ ish…

This concludes my Cup of Empties. I know it’s not much, but it’s more than what I used up last year. We’re going for progress ;). Hope you enjoyed this little post!

Have a lovely week Beautifuls!



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