Cup of Reviews: Innisfree – Foam Cleansing Tissue

Hello my chocolate chip cookie ice creams!

Yaaaaay, found myself another cleansing product :p. In my defence, I just finished the Peach Foam Cleanser and the Oil Cleanser (at the moment I bought it), both from The Face Shop. I’ve been holding myself in to get yet another cleansing product, as I still had a foam cleanser from Etude House and a make up cleansing balm from Banila Co. As I was at Bugis Junction (in Singapore back in November) checking out Innisfree, I didn’t feel like buying anything in particular. They have very simple packaging and there was really nothing that peeked my interest, that is… until I saw these Foam Cleansing Tissues for a fairly good price (9S$).

I immediately tested it out, so here are my thoughts.

The Packaging

It’s a simple little pouch that contains 7 dry sheets. It’s very compact and perfect for when you travel, as it doesn’t take much space, nor weight. As the sheets are dry, it’s extra light.

Innisfree Foam Cleansing Tissue

The Scent

There is a very faint scent to it, but it’s quite neutral… You know my talent for describing scents, so I’ll leave it at that…

How does it perform?

You’re supposed to take out the sheet, sprinkle some water on it and rub it between your hands. It lathered up really nicely. I used the sheet to clean my face and I definitely felt a scrubbing sensation. Then I rinsed it off, like I normally would with a foam cleanser. I removed my make up quite well and I didn’t feel any discomfort on the eyes.

sprinkled some water on it
rubbing the tissue together generates foam

According to the product description, you don’t have to apply a second cleansing step, which is logic as the foam was already in the tissue. It did feel dry afterwards (like with most cleansers, really), so you need to apply a moisturizer.

My Conclusions

It’s pricey for 7 uses only. But if you’re away for a couple of days (or if you’re a backpacker and you’re looking to reduce some volume and weight) and don’t wish to drag a lot of product with you, this is really handy. Because this little pouch weighs next to nothing. You just need a bit of water and you’re good to go. It’s also handy because it’s a make remover and foam cleanser in 1. Overall, it’s a pretty decent product that does what it claims to do. Me likes!

Hope you found this useful. If you’re passing an Innisfree and don’t know what to try, this one is worth a shot!



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