Cup of Looks: EH – Play Color Eyes Beach Party – Belly Dance Look

Hello my Blueberry Muffins!

I know, I KNOW! I should knock it off! Seriously, stop posting looks on this palette… It’s been enough! You are probably itchy and tired of seeing this Play Color Eyes Beach Party in the title… Or maybe you aren’t… But I just couldn’t let this look pass :p. I officially solemnly vow to you, my dear muffin: This is the last look I will post on this pallet :p.

Thing was, when I was getting ready for the Belly Dance Show in Heerlen, I wasn’t sure at that point what look I would do. But I figured it had to be blue as that was the color the hip scarf I was wearing. When I was at my local drugstore, I noticed Catrice was offering several types of eyelashes. I picked up 2 pairs and ended up trying one for the show. Usually, I really dislike falsies (because they don’t look natural, they brush against my glasses,…). But for the sake of this show, I was willing to try it.

  1. As always starting off with a blending shade in the crease. Blending a bit of Wet & Wild (a warm buildable brown) with a light hand in the crease.
  2. Then I applied Like a Mermaid (any turquoise color would do) all over the lid, by packing it on with a flat shader brush. This would obviously work with your ring finger. But do make sure to blend out the outer edges to avoid harsh edges.
  3. I then used Cool dive, a beautiful navy blue, in the outer corner keeping it inside the previous turquoise shade. I like to use a round dens brush for this. If it looks harsh, I usually blend it out with Like a Mermaid.
  4. Here’s where the magic happens, we’re adding some wet looking shimmer on the eyes, Sand Castle, on the inner half and taking it down on the lower lash line too.
  5. Optional, but this does tie it together, a nice highlighter under the brow bone and right above the blue shades you’ve applied, to make you look awake. Here I used High Tide. If you like, add some on the inner corner. Here I had enough glitter from Sand Castle.
  6. You know me, I like a twist… You could sweep the turquoise shade on your lower lash line and call it a day. But I like my Starfish on Rock, so I simply had to include it in this look… With a fine pointy brush, I swept this lovely pinky violet shade on the lower lash line.
  7. There’s nothing more fierce than a nice cat eye line. So I faithfully do this. But you may do a simple liner, tight line or just add mascara.
  8. Added mascara + the falsies.
  9. Shot with my eyes down.

The falsies looked so natural and felt light. It didn’t bother me at all. I did curl my lashes together with the falsies, otherwise I had 2 sets :p. I added a coat of mascara to blend them together. But I was very happy with the result!

Hope you enjoyed this look! If you haven’t seen them, here are my other looks done with this beautiful palette:

  1. Into the Abyss
  2. Fiercely Loved
  3. Cool Dive
  4. Coconut Choral
  5. Purples
  6. The Review

Have a wonderful week lovelies! Be fierce, loving and happy!



6 thoughts on “Cup of Looks: EH – Play Color Eyes Beach Party – Belly Dance Look

  1. LivingOutLoud says:

    You look stunning, gorgeous Sarah! I have fallen behind on reading your posts, but am looking forward to catching up with you. Hope you are enjoying your week!

    ❤ Alana


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