Cup of Reviews: Etude House – Tint Your Brows

Hello my beautiful Fruit Bowls,

Hope you’re having a wonderful week! You’re probably a busy person. So I have a little product review today that may help you save a bit of time ;).

You know how I feel about the brows. It must be well trimmed, not too thin, looking natural. They don’t need to be identical, but sisters ;). They frame your eyes, hence they’re very important for a youthful look. I don’t mind filling my brows in every day. But it has happened before that I forgot. Tattooing it is not something I’d consider. I don’t want anything permanent on my body. So when I saw this Tint My Brows Gel at the Etude House store, I was immediately intrigued, especially as I forgot to bring my brow products with me on my trip…

According to the packaging of this product, it should fill my brows and stay tinted for several days, so I don’t need to fill them every single day. Intriguing, isn’t it!! So here’s is how it worked out for me. T

The Packaging

It looks like a mascara tube. The applicator is a small flat spatula, that packs up a nice amount of product. I do feel like you need to apply a good amount, so I’m not sure how many uses you’d get out of this.

The Scent

It definitely smells strong. Essentially it’s just hair dye, I think, so it smells just like that.

How to use it?

You’re required to put this product on with a generous amount on bare skin (no make up or skincare) in the desired shape. If you made a mistake, you must clean it immediately with a cotton tip or tissue. Let it dry for 2 hours or over night and you’re supposed to peel it off gently.

I let it sit over night, but forgot about it in the morning, so I rinsed it off. I only noticed it when I saw the brown smear. Anyways, I washed my face like I normally do with facial cleanser.

I later on, did this test again correctly :D. It didn’t hurt at all, but essentially feels like a peel off…

How did it perform?

Granted, I didn’t use it according to the instructions the first time, but it has lasted for 3 days, looking incredibly natural. After that the tail started to fade. I waited until everything faded completely before I started over. This time around, I did it correctly. It lasted about 5 days. I’m quite impressed. I think that it’s very important to apply an equal amount to both of the brows, which is a given, but not that simple. I saw that it faded quicker on one side than the other. So be generous with the application :D.

So I went back to get a second tube. They have this in several tints, so I definitely recommend this! This is also handy when you dye your hair :).

I’m happy to have discovered this. Have you used anything similar before? Please let me know in the comments section!



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