Cup of Looks: EH – Play Color Eyes Beach Party – Coconut Choral

Hello Beautiful Cupcakes,

I’ve been very colorful lately again. Last year, I was kind of lazy when it came to creating colorful looks. I didn’t feel it and something was off. The one thing I needed was inspiration. Then this pallet came along and brought back that spark!!! I am course STILL talking about the Etude House Play Color Eyes Beach Party!

I have a lovely warm eyelook for you today and a spark of color! I just love the combo of neutrals and purples!

  1. As always I start off with sweeping a neutral brown shade in my crease, here I used Wet & Wild
  2. I then apply more of Wet & Wild in the outer corner of the eye
  3. With the ring finger I packed Sunset Beach, a lovely glittery sheer choral shade on the center and inner corner of the eye
  4. Time to get colorful, by applying with a flat angles brush Starfish on Rock on the lower lash line
  5. Brighten up the brow bone and inner corner with a pearly white shade, here Tide
  6. I then apply a dark brown in the outer corner to deepen the look and add more dimension, here that was Cave Shade
  7. It’s time to line the eyes. Here I used a deep brown gel liner, which looks softer than black
  8. And then I finished off with 2 coats of mascara

To honor that touch of purple, I’m also using a grape shade on the lips. Here I used my favorite lip tint of the moment, Etude House Soft Drink Tint in PP501.

Lovelies! Have fun trying this look out! Have a great and productive week. My philosophy is, even if you feel down, making yourself look better on the outside will help you feel better on the inside.

Enjoy your week! Hopefully it’s a sunny one!



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