Cup of Reviews: Essence Cosmetics – Limited Edition Into the Snow Glow Pallet

I’ve sworn it! To the old and the new gods (Watched too much Game Of Thrones me thinks) that I would NEVER… EVER purchase a limited edition product again from Essence Cosmetics. But seriously, I just couldn’t sit this one out…

Hello my sugar frosted donuts,

Hope you’ve been doing well. If you’ve read Friday’s post, you’ll have seen that I couldn’t resist the urge to get this product. The thing is that I was so excited about how this looks and feels that I made an exception. Afterwards, I checked on their website and it’s already from the older collection. It was available between mid December and mid January. Come on!!! How can you sprout a new collection every single month, it’s crazy!! Anyhows, I’m posting this review, as it is still available at my local drugstore, so I’m hoping that elsewhere in the world, you can still get it. Moreover, it’s too beautiful not to talk about… You actually have no idea how many products I have from Essence that I never got around reviewing, just because they release new collections so often!

There’s a lot to cover, so buckle up!

The Product

The quite thin pallet is made of cardboard and has magnetic closure. I’d like to take a moment to enjoy the design and drawings on this pallet, which looks so dreamy and beautiful. It looks like a painting of a snow landscape and the letters are printed on it with reflective silver.

Opening up the pallet, you’ll find that there’s no mirror. A plastic cover with the different sections, explains what each powder is for. It comes with 4 blushes, 6 highlighters and 14 eyeshadows. When this cover is removed, you can still see the names printed next to the shadows, which is nice!

I love to see how this pallet is filled with product to the fullest. It usually annoys me when I see some leftover space… I’m not a fan of the use of triangular, here your powder/eyeshadows have more surface to dip your brush in, which is nice.

This pallet contains 34g / Nt Wt 1.19 oz e and retails at Kruidvat for about €9.90.

The Textures and Types

  • The Higlighters: You get 6 frosty highlighters that are all quite reflective. If you were hoping for something soft and glowy, You ain’t getting that…
  • The Blushes: You get 4 very diverse blushes: 2 warm blushes and 2 cooler pinky tones ones. 3 are matt and 1 is slightly glowy.
  • The Eyeshadows: There is a total of 14 shades, 4 useful matt shades (nice for blending, darkening and good transition colors), 3 shimmer shades that would look beautiful on the moving eyelid, 2 satiny shades and 5 shades that I’d call metallic…

The Shades

  • The Highlighters

I love these shades, versatile and wearable, except for Ice, Ice Baby, which I’ll probably won’t really use, unless I’m doing some special look.

  • The Blushes

These 4 shades are very different. Pink Wink is quite soft and won’t likely show up on medium to darker skinshades. I love Morning Sun, which is super pigmented. You’re recommended to use it with a light hand. Rosy and Dawn are quite flattering shades. All of these feel soft and blendable and not chalky at all.

  • The Eyeshadows: Row One

Bare is the only matt shade here. Nude, Dusty Rose and Twilight are very smilar, but different enough. Fire is a lovely satiny warm pink shade and Bear is a bronzy pink. Velvet is a gorgeous metallic plum shade.

Fair is a frosty highlight shade, Retro a matt pinky orange with some sparkles, Blossom a very handy matt taupe shade, Pine Tree a medium bronzy brown, Chocolate looks anything but chocolatty because it’s more of a champagne shade, Cloud a olive green metallic shade and night a very deep grey that is buildable.

The Performance

I’ve revieved several eyeshadows products from Essence in the past. I love the texture for daily use. It’s not meant for difficult or very detailed looks, but more for the effortless looking beauties out there who don’t want to spend an eternity on an eye look.

Decent, but not a crazy pigmentation, making it very easy to use and blendable. Here’s a look I did today. I know, very original, a pink look again. But I felt like it :p.

My Final Thoughts

This eye shade selection is beautiful and… extremely familiar. I haven’t put the pallets side by side yet, but right off the bat, I can see in this selection the Too Faced Sweet Peach Pallet. Who remembers this very old review :D? The warm orangy, pinky shades, the peachy browns and that touch of olive green, very familiar!

I’m not saying it’s an exact dupe. But if you were looking for an alternative for the Sweet Peach pallet, know that this pallet is super cheap and offers about the same color selection if you can live with the fact that’s it’s slightly less pigmented and doesn’t smell like peach candy.

I enjoy the blushes and the highlighters and I’m all in all very happy with the purchase, a whole lotta bang for your buck!

I hope you enjoyed this quick review! Let me know if you’d like to see looks from this baby. Have a lovely productive week everyone!



2 thoughts on “Cup of Reviews: Essence Cosmetics – Limited Edition Into the Snow Glow Pallet

  1. LivingOutLoud says:

    It was definitely worth-it to get this palette, Sarah! I love all the variety in colors and the textures and you look absolutely stunning in your pics!

    ❤ Alana

    Liked by 1 person

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