Cup of Reviews: Neogen – Gauze Peeling Wine

Hello Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies!

You might think I’m nuts for finding some dessert or sweet each time to greet you. But I honestly have something with desserts and sweets. I always name my pets a dessert or ice cream flavour name. It’s convenient and it’s kind of a fun and cute theme. And me being silly, that’s like all part of it! It all started with my parent’s two dogs: Tira & Misu! Bless my little cuties!

Have you ever heard of Meejmuse? If you haven’t, you can check her out on her YouTube Channel. She’s a sweet Korean young woman who, if I’m not mistaken, grew up in Australia and now has moved to Korea, back to her roots. She makes a lot of fun video’s about Korean make up products and I do like to watch her channel so I can make a selection on which product to get. Because the Korean market has so many brands and products that it’s sometimes difficult to know what to choose. Even though I like to experiment, I prefer spending money on something that will more likely work for me… And I’ve heard horror stories of people’s skin changing because they used some bad products… I don’t have sensitive skin, but I still prefer to be careful.

Jen (from Meejmuse) has mentioned the Neogen Gauze Peeling pads several times on her channel. So naturally when I was in Asia I had to buy it to try out. Here are my thoughts on this product.

The Packaging

You get a huge jar with 30 wet pads. The jar is big and thick. The lid closes really well. So even if you remove the aluminium seal, the pads remain soaking wet, even after 6 months it’s been open. You’re supposed to use this every single day, but I’ve been using it 2 to 3 times per week…

It retails for about 19.15€ for 200ml / 6.76 fl. oz.

The Scent

It actually smells more like grape juice than wine. I guess it’s somewhere in between. the scent is quite strong, but I like it!

The Product & Use

Okay, so it was only when I started to write this review that I noticed I was using it wrong :p. I actually only used 1 side of this product, while there are 2 sides! Luckily I was only halfway, so I tried it a couple more weeks before finalizing this post :p! So that happens!

One pad consists of 3 layers. Here is how it looks like and works according to the description I found on Cosmetic Love:

How does it perform?

Admittedly I used it wrong the first times I tried it. I only used the white side on my face, which is the soft chemical scrub side. I never realized the mesh part was also the scrubbing side.

The first step is indeed using the pink mesh side. It’s slightly rough, but for a scrub it is quite gentle. Because the mesh is so fine, you’ll be able to get in the find lines of your skin. The first time I used this (I also take it down on my neck and cleavage), there was a whole lot of dirt coming off, it’s insane! After that I turn the pad around to use the soft white side, and this picks up the rest of the residues. You can’t imagine how much dead cells (wishing to avoid the word dirt again :p) there is on your face until you’ve used this product.


What I really love about this product is how gentle it feels! I love to use a good scrub, but it also thins out your skin. So I obviously prefer to use a soft scrub such as this product to remove just enough dead cells, but doesn’t damage the skin. Did I see any long term effect? I can’t tell to be honest. I’ve used several products and this one consistently every week. So the changes I’ve undergone in my skincare routine have generally had a good effect on my skin. It definitely helped against the dullness, but then again, I was also using radiance serum.

All in all, it’s a product I’d buy again, for the simple fact that it’s soft and efficient… I actually love this one so much, I also got the green tea version! There was also a lemon version for brightening effect.

Have you used this product before? Or maybe other products from Neogen? I’d love to hear your opinion about these products! Or maybe suggestions you’d like to share?

Hopefully, you enjoyed this quick review!



4 thoughts on “Cup of Reviews: Neogen – Gauze Peeling Wine

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      This is the only product I’ve ever tried of this brand. I love it so far! what other product have you tried of it? Thx for dropping by! xoxo Sarah


    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      hihihi Thanks, Hunida :D! Glad someone appreciates it ;D. It is indeed a great product, I don’t like too much fuss, as I already use a lot of products :p…

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