Cup of Reviews: Laneige – Fresh Calming Trial Kit

Hi Everyone!

In November I was on a trip in China and Singapore. While I was waiting at the airports, I wrote several posts :D. I love feeling productive and during the waiting, I think I wrote up to 5 articles! Today’s post was one of them. Here I have a review of a Laneige kit for you, that I got from Taiwan in May. This was featured in my Empties post. I had been holding off trying it, as I first needed to use up other products. I don’t really like opening several products at the same time…

Laneige is a Korean Cosmetics brand that is well loved and known. I’ve never tried it before, because it is a little bit more expensive (that’s what I thought anyway. I guess it depends on the type of product). As they’re high end, you’d typically find them next to Anna Sui and Jill Stuart. But while I was in Taiwan, they sold in store “88” this little kit for a very decent price, which is ideal as I love playing around with new products. You can find this kit on Yesstyle for 6.91€.

With this kit, I got:

  • Fresh Calming Gel Cleanser
  • Fresh Calming Toner 
  • Fresh Calming Essence

Fresh Calming Gel Cleanser

No doubt, you know this is one of my favorite type products to try out. The transparent, quite thin liquid gel, doesn’t lather a ton when you massage it onto your face. However it is a very gentle cleanser, that doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry. I’ve known only one cleanser before that was also very gentle, which is the RAINPHARMA cleanser. It leaves your skin feeling clean and plump.

The scent reminds me slightly of grapefruit, but not too strong, which makes it very refreshing.

After I got back from Asia, there was still enough product, to use for 3 more weeks. It was only when I stopped using it, that I started noticing my skin getting dull again and redness appearing more prominent. I afterwards ordered the full size online and immediately I saw results within a couple of days use… I never thought my skin needed to be “calmed” as I don’t often have breakouts… But with this product, I notice that the redness around my nose disappears and that my skin looks very even. It’s funny how I had to see it first to notice what I was missing… I dare say, this is my favorite cleanser so far!

Fresh Calming Toner

The toner has the same scent as the Cleanser, very refreshing. It applies like any toner on the skin: liquid, refreshing and thin. You do feel it gives some hydration. Toners are in general very useful. It’s the type of product you’d skip if you like to keep your skincare simple. But as a matter of fact, it does help clear out your skin and reduce your pores, especially when you use it over a longer period of time.

While I was in Asia, my pores were very small and my skin looked radiant, but that’s often like that when I’m in that humid sunny climate. It does my skin a lot of good. But after I got back, my skin stayed nice with smaller pores. And from the moment de toner was used up, I had bigger pores again… Now that I have the full size, I notice my pores becoming smaller (though not as small as it was in Taiwan…).

Fresh Calming Serum

This serum is very lightweight and doesn’t have any scent. It absorbs very quickly and is supposed to help absorbing better the cream. It made my skin very soft.

This product lasted me the longest. I used it only in the evening. After I got back I continued using it for almost a month. But it didn’t seem to do much for my skin. Though I enjoyed using it, it didn’t make me want to get the full size…

My Conclusion

It’s quite hard to review these type of products (especially the toner and the serum), because you must use them for a longer period of time and not change anything else to your skincare routine to notice any difference. However, the small sample size provided enough for me to test these for over a month. It did do some amazing things to my skin. My skin always looks better when I’m in Asia, I’m guessing it’s because of the sun. My pores are always less open and visible. So I wasn’t sure these products were responsible for my skin to look so nice. But I tried it out 3 more weeks after I got back. And my skin remained beautiful, even with this cold weather. From the moment I stopped using this, I started to notice redness again and open pores. My skin didn’t look bad to begin with, but I during the time I was trying this out, I got used to that natural glow and even skin tone!

Overall, texture wise it reminds me a lot of the Biotherm skin kit I’ve reviewed a while ago. But the effect is much more visible. I never thought I had irritated skin until I tried out these Laneige products. They made me realize, that it I do have redness and slight irritation… I think that these products would definitely work well for people who have some redness and like to have light weight products, nothing too heavy and too moisturizing.

I’m truly intrigued at the changes my skin has gone through using these products. I’ve never seen my skin more beautiful! Getting beautiful skin is addicting… I dare say, I’ve found the Holy Grail for my skincare!

Hope you find this helpful! Enjoy your week!



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