Cup of Reviews: Essence Cosmetics – Llama highlighter

Essence Cosmetics is coming out with new products so fast, I can’t keep up with the reviews. The packaging they make is quite trendy and cutsy, which you know is right up my alley. I think that for the price you pay, you really have some very decent products especially if you’re starting out with make up. Like all other brands, it’s products can be hits or misses. As it is cheap, it’s less of a drama if the product doesn’t work out for me.

About a month ago, I picked up this Llama highlighter. I thought it was so funny, I just had to try it out.

The Packaging

If you’re a fan of llama’s, you’ll love this design. Essence stays close to their overall look: transparant packaging with silver letters and a cute drawing of a llama with sunglasses. No mirror, but you can clearly see the colors.

This product comes with 3 highlight colors: a golden bronze shade, a pearly white and a pearly pink.

I took this little product with me and the hinge broke… I’ve had this before with Essence products, so it’s not that sturdy… When I leave it like this in the bathroom, everything is fine. But from the moment you put it in a make up bag, be careful… The packaging is pretty much ruined, so I wasn’t able to take a picture…

Price quality wise, well in Belgium this brand is extremely cheap, if not the cheapest! But the quality is great (except for the packaging), depending on the type of product of course… This product retails for 3.59€ at Kruidvat! You get 9g worth of product.

The Look

What I’ve loved from other Essence Highlighters is the fact that it really illuminates the face without you actually seeing the highlighter. It’s so pure and glowy looking in a very natural way. If you’re looking for a highlighter that’s like BAM in your face, this is not a product for you. There are subtle differences between the shades. I find that the golden bronze shade shows up a little bit less than the other 2 (probably because my skin is yellow toned…). The white shows up quite brightening and matt at the same time, but looks very natural on the face. The pearly pink shade shows up as a warmer pink sheen.

These highlighters don’t make your cheeks look wet or highly reflective, just brighter and makes your face fresh. I tried to take some pictures of my face, but it doesn’t capture the highlighter well. But you can tell in person that it’s illuminating.

My Conclusion

The one thing that sure bothers me, is the fact that it’s not travel friendly. It breaks so easily! That being said…

I love it for the daily use. It makes the face look fresh. It’s not meant to make you look dewy or extremely highlighted. It’s a quick review as I somewhat knew what to expect. Overall I like Essence highlighters and have done a review before. Be sure to check it out.

Hope you liked this review!

Much love,


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