Cup of Reviews: Banila Co – Clean it Zero

Hellooo my Fruit Jellies!

If you’ve been with me from the start, you might remember my very first post on the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. I loved that product. It’s to this day, one of my favorite – If not favorite – products to take off my make up. It honestly takes everything off and leaves the skin incredibly soft.

Now Clinique was at that moment definitely not the first to put a make up cleansing balm on the market. The very first, best known and most popular one in Korea is from Banila Co – Clean It Zero cleansing balm. This product is almost identical to the Clinique product, with some small differences.

It’s been a while since I’ve wanted to try out this product, but I never got around ordering it. When I was in Taiwan last year in May, I just had to pick it up (Also available on Cosmetic Love – code SARAHSCUPOFBEAUTY for 10% off)! It comes in different types and I got the pink one, which is the original. I’ve been using it for a couple of months. But it’s no secret that I love it, as it has been featured in my favorites!

So if you’ve read my Clinique post, you may as wel skip to the conclusion where I’ll discuss the differences between the two cleansing balms. But for those of you who are interested in this iconic product, here it is!

The Packaging

The product comes in a thick, sturdy and luxurious looking packaging. The lid is pearly pink. The design is quite simple with black elegant letters. The pot itself is transparant matt.

It contains 100ml/ 3.38 fl. oz of product. The product also comes with an inner lid and a spatula, to pick up the balm without touching the product in the jar.

The Scent

It’s a little bit sweet, fruity and floral. Based on the ingredient list, I can see that it also contains leaf extract of raspberries, mistletoe, papaya, but also some other plant roots. This gives the product a very distinct pleasant scent. I don’t find it to be overwhelming, but you can smell it during the application.

The Product & how it performs

You’ll only need a pea size amount. I spread some dots of the pinky matt balm on my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. From the moment my fingers touch the product, it starts to melt to a more liquid oil like texture. While massaging, you can feel where your face needs some more cleansing. Especially when you wear waterproof mascara, it tends to stick on your lashes really well. Because you can feel the product on your lashes, you can continu gently massaging it over your eyes.

When your face is rinsed with lukewarm water, there is no trace of the make up. The product can leave a film on your eyes, if it accidently came into contact. But it doesn’t sting in any way. It can slightly look blurry. I don’t really have this issue often…

After that it’s rinsed off, your skin is clean and soft and doesn’t feel dry or itchy.

My Conclusion

Overall, cleansing balms are my favorite way to remove make up. Because:

  • Oils: are very runny and usually drip down my palms when I try to use it. They are also very efficient, but you have less control, because it’s a liquid.
  • Micellar waters: Each time you need to use several cotton pads. My love for the planet makes me feel a bit guilty each time I remove the make up this way. Even though the method is efficient, though less efficient than oils and balms. Because you need to go over your face several times with a new cotton pad before it truly takes everything off.
  • Cleansing creams: Usually you are required to use a cotton pad to remove it from your skin. This leaves some of the cream on your face. I really feel like it doesn’t leave your skin clean at all. So I rinse it off with water, so that I don’t have to use a cotton pad and so that there is less residu left on the face. But even then, I don’t like how shiny and oily it leaves my skin… Some may call it moisturizing. But it’s an extra layer I need to clean. Ugh, not a fan at all…

Comparison with the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm:

  • The price: Banila Co is about 15€/100ml and the Clinique product is about 24€/100ml (actually it’s about 30€/125ml which is the jar it comes in). So it’s slightly more expensive
  • The packaging: Banila Co comes with a spatula, the Clinique product doesn’t.
  • The scent: Clinique products are odorless and the Banila Co product does have a strong scent to it.
  • The performance: they’re equally good in my opinion

I thus prefer the Banila Co product due to the better price, cute packaging, the fact that it comes with the spatula and because I like the scent. But if you prefer products that don’t have any scent, Clinique is the one to go for. Other than that, both are great products!

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this!! Have a lovely week cuties!



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