Cup of Reviews: Essence – Camouflage+ Concealer (Waterproof & Tattoo Covering)

Happy Sunday Friends!

Enjoying your weekend so far, I hope! It’s freezing outside, so a good hot chocolate keeps me warm, with a good book in the couch. But before I can do that, I need to post first :D! Today I have a review on an Essence Concealer.

A good concealer is hard to come by. I’m a difficult person when it comes to concealers. My list of requirements is:

  • It must not be too thick
  • It must cover well my dark circles
  • It has to blend well
  • It shouldn’t crease in the fine lines
  • It should illuminate and brighten te skin
  • It shouldn’t look pasty
  • It must stay on the whole day

I have to be honest, I’ve yet to find one that covers all of these requirements, especially when it comes to one that doesn’t crease into the fine lines… They always do. But some are more prominent than others.

I’ve been testing out the Essence Camouflage+ Concealer for a couple of months now and I love it! Which you know if you’ve checked my Favorites Post ;). Here are my thoughts!

The Packaging

The tube definitely looks thicker than what I’m used to from Essence and Catrice. It feels pleasant in the hand. The dough foot applicator is big. I’ve never used the Tarte Shape Tape before, but I’m guessing that was what inspired Essence. The applicator is tear drop shaped though, which makes it really easy to apply. As you can see, I’ve almost used up my product :)…

How does it perform?

  • Texture: is very lightweight and feels slightly watery but not too much. This makes blending it out quite easy. I always use an air puff, my ring finger or oval brush to blend it away. I’ve never used a beauty blender with it.
  • Coverage: is fenomenal. You just need a few dots and it covers a lot. Be careful though because you only need a little. If you add too much, it’ll crease. You’ll find that when you’re blending it out, it covers more areas than you anticipated (which isn’t good if your concealer is lighter than your foundation).
  • Creasing: I have some deeper lines under my eyes and some very very fine lines. The deeper lines show no creasing, but I do see some creasing in the fine lines. That’s only when you look close. I do always set it with a bit of powder. But I find thatwh en I don’t set it, it is still long wearing.
  • Finish: The finish looks very natural. When you blend it out well, it looks like skin, not too dewy, not too matt.

My Conclusion

The Catrice concealer has been my favorite for several years now, but this one is even better. For the cheap price and the quality of the product, I’d choose it anytime!

If you’re in need for a good concealer, look no further! You should definitely try it out!

I’m not very adventurous when it comes to concealers. I’ve used 5 different brands so far and I really don’t like it when they’re pasty or make me look dry. I’d love to hear your recommendations! If I can get my hands on it, I’ll definitely try it out.

Have a lovely week everyone! Talk to you in my next post!



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